Summer Indulgence with Aqualabel, Tsubaki and Senka

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer solstice just happened yesterday, but because we're not a country with four seasons of happiness (wow, bad pun), the longest day of the year is not really that noticeable to us. Well in this island where it's perpetually summer, we still got to hold an occasion where we can indulge in this season, hosted by Aqualabel, Tsubaki and Senka! Along with games, food and catching up with like minded bloggers, we were introduced to their newly launched products.

If you're heading over to the beach anytime soon, you'll be needing these essentials!

 The event was held at Coastes at Sentosa which is really a relaxing setting!
 I never thought of my scalp, to be honest. But yes, it does need a lot of moisture now that my hair's been kinda fried. 

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos during the event itself because the place had a dim and cozy ambience. Not complaining though, cause I got hold of their newest products to bring home and try!
 Left to right: Tsubaki Head Spa, Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence, Senka Mineral Essence UV
Head Spa

"In order for hair to grow beautifully, the scalp must be treated similarly as the facial skin to prevent dryness. Insufficient moisture lowers he skin barriers, allowing the skin to dry up. Skin dryness increases the chances of inflammation, which causes newly grown hair to lack firmness and elasticity. It is therefore important to promote scalp health for the growth of firm and supple hair."

Natural Essential Oil Blend, including Sage, Ginger, Rosehip, Thyme and Sorbitol
Camelia Flower Extract
Camelia Oil


One remarkable thing about this is that it feels super shiok to apply on your head! Do you remember those candies that are like fireworks in your mouth with all those crackling/popping sensation? It's almost the same as this product! There was a head spa booth at the event itself and using this, we were given head massages, and it felt so good! It also has a very relaxing and pleasant smell so it really feels as if you're having professional head spa done at your own home. Just add music though.


1. Shake bottle horizontally for 4 to 5 minutes.
2. Position the nozzle upright about 2cm away from the cleansed scalp.
3. Spray over 8 to 10 spots onto your scalp in a single session, holding about 1 sec per spray.
4. Gently press onto the spots with your palms until the sparkling/popping sound disappears.
5. Massage your scalp lightly and relax with the aromatic scent.

Price: S$18.90

Mineral Essence UV

"It has protection as high as SPF 50 against strong UV rays while retaining the freshness on your skin. This sunscreen prevents the formation of dark spots and includes generous amount of dewy fresh moisturizing and skincare ingredients to keep skin looking youthful, resilient and firm."

SPF 50+PA++++
Anti Aging Care
Made with 100% Mineral Water
Resistant to Sweat and Sebum
Pre-make up base for smooher application of foundation
Easily removed with normal cleanser
Fragrance free, no mineral oil, no artificial colours and dermatologist Tested

I am actually keeping this product as a reserve in case I travel overseas, since I am still using my first SENKA sunblock! 

Price: S$17.90

Whitening Jelly Essence

"High permeating Jelly holding plenty of moisture and skin beautifying ingredients such as m-tranexamic acid, double hylauronic acid, glycylglycine G, etc. After use, it firms skin affected by annoying dilated pores and keeps moisture for many hours with the skin protected by the veil of the jelly. It also has an astringent effect that reduces oil production yet still able to maintain moisture in the skin."

I was already pretty much interested upon seeing it at the eveny itself, it looked super clean and fresh to me. I became hesistant to try it when i read "moisturizing" again, but like other aqualabel products, it's actually safe to use for oily skin! I've been using it since I received it and it did even reduce my skin's oiliness during the day which is something most moisturizerd don't do. So yes I do recommend this to people who have the same oily skin as me yet sensitive to moisturizers. As for the whitening though, I'm not really sure if it has made my skin fairer. My dark marks are still there and overall I feel it's still the same level of fairness as before. Other than that I really enjoy using this jelly.:)

Price: S$29.90

What would you like to try among the products above? You can also visit and like their facebook for more:





Coastes Singapore
Location: 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-05 Sentosa, Singapore

Online Shoppers
Location: 14 Scotts Road (Fareast Plaza) #03-96A, Singapore 228213.

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