Shiseido Masstige 「ありがとう」* Party + Senka Mineral UV & Aqualabel Special Gel Cream Review

Thursday, April 10, 2014

*ありがとう = Thank You

A while back we were invited to an event held at Oasia Hotel by Shiseido's Masstige Brands to show their appreciation to bloggers for their support! Very sweet, right? The venue was very cozy and actually gave us an opportunity to get to know the other bloggers more! And lovely ladies they are!

This time round it was a collection of the different brands that we've already tried and are familiar with! I'm sure you've seen that most of the products have been featured in my previous posts.:)


"Provides A-Z solution for makeup, skincare for ladies in their 20s. ‘Asian metropolitan beauty’, for the city girl with busy lifestyle but never compromising on beauty nor style."

I'm very familiar with ZA and have recommended it a lot to my family and friends. I bought the BB cream on one occasion when I forgot to bring foundation so I bought their BB, and I was surprised by how good the finish was on my skin! I only stopped using it when my recent breakout caused me to panic and stop using all products I was applying on my face then. Now that I think about it though, I've been using ZA for half a year before the attack of the zits, so it's safe to say that it wasn't what caused my acne. Their products are really good so I really recommend you try it, good quality for a good price :)

 Majolica Majorca

"Majolica Majorca has a strong brand story which allows girls to envision themselves as a character in it. It awakes the emotional part of the girl and fulfills her wish to become beautiful.Majolica Majorca has a strong brand story which allows girls to envision themselves as a character in it. It awakes the emotional part of the girl and fulfills her wish to become beautiful."

I always love that Majolica Majorca is very whimsical and fairytale-like. I used to ignore them when I pass by it at Watson's, thinking that it's only beautiful in packaging, but I was proven wrong when I got to try it personally. I especially love their mascara and lip glosses, and they're stuff you'd proudly display on your vanity table.

Ma Cherie

"Ma Cherie is a haircare brand that allows you to indulge in pampering your hair and arousing your senses to the luxurious feel and fragrance of the Champagne Honey Gelee."

I am ashamed to say that my hair doesn't smell terrific so I was delighted when I got to know MaCherie before. Especially with their hair fragrance, it's a sure-fire way that my hair doesn't smell of sun and sweat at the end of each day.


"TSUBAKI is a cosmetic-like premium hair care brand that inspires confidence and enhances not only hair but overall beauty and attractiveness of women."

Since my hair has undergone so much torture recently because of bleaching, Tsubaki is really a good product to help restore my hair's lost health and shine. 


SENKA is “skincare created together” where skincare specialists respond to customer’s needs/ concerns and develop premium quality products using their advanced technology. These products are safe, environmental friendly and affordably priced.

I know not everyone has time on their hands to apply so many products, and not everyone is interested in buying expensive skincare that may not really work on them. Senka is a brand for those who like simple, no-nonsense applications. The brand is also relatively inexpensive. Really a good deal, yeah? 


"AQUALABEL's skincare series is specially formulated with 2 exclusive ingredients - Aqua Synergy & Moist Aqua Keeping Base that promise to maximise skin benefits and increase skin's efficacy.

This was quite new to me and I must say it piqued my interest. Aqualabel is under Shiseido as well. I was able to try the special gel cream; please continue to read, my review will be further down this post!

with dearest Gwen :)
Paperkitties (Alene) and Chloe was there too  but I can't seem to find a photo of us together O.o (at least one with our faces) Sorry babes! T.T
There were games of course where we were given a chance to guess how many of each products were inside the box! At the end of the event Chloe  was the lucky winner!
Met Ena--such a friendly, nice and sweet gal!
 Ena getting her hair done!
Would have been nice if they let me stay and enjoy this bath. LOL
...and ME.

All the bloggers went home happily carrying new products! Ahh so much love, thank you, Shiseido!

I've used the Tsubaki Damage Care Series before and the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister. As for the ZA Mascara and Hair Gelee I've yet to try them! Must finish the remaining products first--mustn't be so wasteful, right?

The other new items that caught my attention was the Senka Mineral Perfect Uv and Shiseido Aqualabel Special Gel Cream.

Senka Mineral Perfect UV – SPF50/ PA+++
40mL $16.90
Brief Intro:

Cosmopolitan Bright Sparks 2014
Best Brightening Sunscreen with the Lightest Texture
Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buy 2014
Best Facial Sunscreen
Nylon Beauty Hit List 2014

Maximum coverage yet can be removed by normal cleanser. Suitable for daily usage, especially for outdoor sports and activities with high exposure to UV-rays.
•Reliably blocks strong UVA and UVB rays
•Made with 100% mineral water
•Contains baby powder for a non-sticky, silky-smooth finish
•Resistant to sweat and sebum
•Can be washed off with normal facial cleanser

I love this sunblock! It's so different from your usual sunscreen-- super lightweight (almost watery in texture), no strong sunscreen smell, and it's not sticky and easil absorbed by the skin. Highly recommend this especially for those, like me, who are not really a fan of sunscreesns. I'v often been told how important they are but I avoid it because I hate the texture, smell and stickiness. Well now, that wouldn't be a problem any longer. :)

Aqualabel Special Gel Cream

Brief Intro:
Best Beauty Buys Women's Weekly 2014 Winner

-High Function Gel Cream with plenty of concentrated “collagen” which is source of plump suppleness to your skin. Jelly-like rich cream penetrates as if it’s melting into your skin.
-Experience the moisture-laden skin with resilient suppleness.
-Water Soluble Collagen
-Greatly improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and enhances overall elasticity.
-Hydrolyzed Collagen - Increases the density of Collagen Fibroblasts (main cell of the dermis) thereby optimizing firmness of skin.
-Double Hyaluronic Acid - High moisture effect.
-Jelly-like formula that absorbs into your skin easily.


The texture is really like jelly. Upon application, it absorbs very easily; although I feel that my hands feel a little bit sticky afterwards. I was quite cautious in applying this because of its moisturizing properties. As mentioned before, my skin hates moisturizers. I decided to try it anyway, applied it before sleeping, braced myself for the worst (i.e., new pimples), and the following day...

It was awesome.

My skin was a lot softer and my pores were reduced. Given that I have huge ones :( It also wasn't as oily as I expected! It also doesn't have any strong fragrance which, as I've said before, is very important to me. I know that there are a lot out there that moisturize even more deeply but I like how Aqualabel's is just right, not too much for people like me with super oily and sensitive skin, yet still able to make my face feel softer and smoother upon waking up in the morning. 

I won't be using it everyday though, perhaps alternately in the week and still maintain my DrX Hydrator, because I feel that my skin doesn't really need THAT MUCH moisture due to my very oily skin. But I really really like this product! Proves that I'm right in always trusting Japanese brands. :D

I'll be updating regarding my review of the rest of the products after I've tried them!

Had a fun time attending this event and enjoying these great brands. Thank you so much Shiseido for the generosity, and Wendy from white space for the invitation! どもありがとうございました!

See you at my next post! Meanwhile, here's my instagram account for more updates!^_~

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