Where I have been + OOTD

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I've just been here all along.

But during the period that my presence was lost in all of my social media accounts, so many things happened.

I lost a loved one.

I lived anew.
Seriously, we never know what happens next in our lives. But I don't believe in all of the YOLO stuff though, I mean, one should still be responsible despite #yolo, you only live once, so make sure that all the decisions that you make will make a greater impact in the world that you'll leave one day. But hey, I'd still go skydiving or bungee jumping one day if i get the chance!

Top: Zara
Pants: Jrunway

Who is that guy tho

Photos shot during the Jimmy Choo event that I attended with Chloe and Gwen (thanks to Chloe for the invitation!)

Jimmy Choo- Illicit Flower

Friday, June 10, 2016

Oh hey! Oh my god-- I don't even want to mention how long I've been gone, but I'm back again, and this time with a post on the launch of Jimmy Choo's new fragrance that we attended. I'm not sure you guys remember my previous post about Jimmy Choo Exotic, anyway it was a few years back. A couple of weeks ago we were invited to try the new fragrance and make our own fresh bouquet of roses! (I can now make a bouquet for the bridesmaids of whoever is getting married among my friends!)

Me and Chloe holding the flower bouquets we made, respectively.

Unfortunately I realized I was too excited to take a picture of us arranging the flowers :/

One reason I disappeared for a while was that I had a MASSIVE, MASSIVE acne breakout 2 years ago. Thank God it has subsided now. I think my next post should be how to recover from Acne! As a foreword, Stress is really the problem! Damn it.

Gwen came later than we did but I'm soo glad I met up with these two in an event again! God, I missed this so much.

Anyhoo, back to the actual topic.

About the fragrance

Jimmy Choo Illicit flower is all about strength, sexiness and being provocative. Hence, the word Illicit, though I must admit the word itself sounds a bit negative to me (illicit affairs, illicit drugs) but I guess this is a term they chose to describe a woman who isn't afraid to break the rules.

"Illicit flower embodies the daring spirit of the Jimmy Choo woman. She is alluring, hypnotic and lives her life to the full. She perfectly portrays these qualities with her uninhibited personality and appetite for good times." Sandra Choi, Creative Director for Jimmy Choo

Illicit flower is edgy enough to wear with leather but elegant enough to spritz on silk. Opening with juicy apricot and zesty mandarin, the frivolous fruity accords have been crushed over pretty floral heart notes of sophisticated rose, grapefruit flower and sensual jasmine to create a sparkling scent that springs off skin and into the atmosphere.

Layered on top of creamy sandalwood and soft, seductive musk to mellow the sweet citrusy accents, this floral musk melts into the body to create a veil of mystique, symbolising all that is unforgettable.

Top: Apricot, Mandarin and Freesia

Heart: Rose, Grapefuit flower and Jasmine

Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood and Cashmerian


If you're expecting a sweet, girly scent because of the packaging--you're mistaken. As the name implies, the scent is definitely for the sexy, confident and mature woman; I'm quite unsure I fit this description as I am generally awkward and loves to think that I'm still 18, LOL. But this scent is definitely lovely for a night out of party or a date where you definitely want to make an unforgettable impression. Would I wear it? Of course, but probably not everyday.

We also received free Calligraphy lettering from Mont Blanc that day! I sincerely believe in this quote! In every moment that we experience, we have the power to change our own destiny. Isn't that what makes life exciting?

Karl Lagerfeld Parfums

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wow, I must say that this post is overwhelmingly overdue. But before I explain why I was gone for such a long time which wouldn't interest you guys anyway (one word: work), I'd rather focus on sharing my thoughts on Karl Lagerfeld's line of perfume launched this 2014: Karl Lagerfeld For Him and For Her.

The packaging itself is very Karl. Just imagine him with his trademark black sunglasses/suit and white hair, and you'd get what I mean.

Karl Lagerfeld for Her is a fresh scent of citrus, fruit and flowers on a woody – musky base. It opens with accords of lemon and peach, with a floral heart of magnolia, rose and frangipani. All of this is soothed by the base of amber wood and musk.

Karl Lagerfeld for Him is an aromatic - fougere fragrance that opens with fresh mandarin and lavender oil with its heart as green apple and violet, together with the base of amber and sandalwood.


I absolutely love the packaging with its minimalist design and Karl Lagerfeld's silhouette embossed all over the box. The bottle itself is something I love displaying on my shelves, and with its availability in 25mL, it's a perfume I can carry around everytime I travel.

Being a fan of citrus-y scents over flowery ones, this is one of my favorites! It speaks modern and sophisticated without being overly powerful; in fact a friend also told me that once she smelled it she thought that it was so me. I must agree!


$70-$125- For Him
$70-$150- For Her
It comes in 3 different sizes from which you can choose from.

Best Lippies: Chanel

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Before anything else, I'd like to clarify that I'm not a big fan of lipsticks. I prefer simple makeup, and wear lipstick during rare occasions, that I've become very selective on the lipsticks that I choose. Preferably, lipsticks should look elegant, classy and simple. Which may be the reason why I adore Chanel's range of lip colors; the texture and color range are just so irresistibly chic to me.

Below are my favorite lip colors from Chanel:

Though I did say that I don't use lipstick on a regular basis, I still prefer to have different colors to choose from. I'm not really a fan of matte lipsticks though.With the colors that I have, I can easily match any mood or outfit that I have be it evening or morning. 

I was also using Chanel equivoque in my previous White OOTD post! How about you guys? What's your preference with regards to lippies?

All White (and how to wear them)

Since I was a kid, I've always fancied the thought of wearing all white. Every christmas I would plan to ask my mom to buy me some white pants and white shirt, but I never got around to doing so because it is such a daunting pair to pull off! One wrong move and you'd end up looking like an asylum escapee.

Finally a couple of weeks ago I tried to, and I was very happy for not looking entirely stupid in it!:) Below are the photos taken during that day!

I may not be the perfect model but here are some easy guidelines on how to wear an all white outfit:

1. QUALITY. If you are going to wear all white, make sure that the quality of the dress is good. If it is yellowish and your top and bottom are not on the same level of whiteness, or the fabric is too thin that your undies are already showing, it will certainly look a lot less classy.

2. NEATNESS. The key to wearing all white is to look clean. After all, that is what white usually represents right? As you can see my roots have grown and they were bound to look very untidy as can be seen from my previous ootds. Since I had no time to recolor, I asked my hairstylists from Komachi the Hair Cult to help me do something about it and I was so ecstatic that they did a fantastic job; exactly as I wanted my hair to be: neat, tidy and swept off my face! And if you're wondering, they used gel to hold it in place, but it was quite amazing too that it was so easy to wash off that night.

The ear accessory added edginess to the crisp outfit.

So then, when wearing something all white, do see to it that your hair is not a mess and be it a ponytail or curls, just make sure they're clean and tidy looking.

3. ACCESSORIES must be kept simple as well. I find that gold goes so well with white and this combination reminds me of how greek goddess are usually portrayed: flowing white gowns and gold accessories. Other colors are fine too, but it's best to keep them at a minimum combination.

I chose the gold and black band to match my shoes and the rest of my gold accessories.

4. MAKEUP. For this look I chose to make it look more natural by choosing a subtle pink lipstick in order to match the simplicity of the whole ensemble and to build an almost effortless aura around it. However, it would also go great with a bright red lipstick if you want to go for a more glam look. Simple eye makeup and a clean foundation with less blush (in fact, I didn't use any blush for this) would also be more desirable.

5. SHOES. I opted to use my black heels again to keep the monotone and also add contrast to the pure white. White heels are also fine but again, it won't be good if they are a different shade of white than your clothes. Cream would be ok too as long as they match your bag. Even fuschia pink heels would go great with whites; you can get creative but remember to always keep it simple. Maximum elements within the outfit should be 3.

So there, hope it was useful to you guys who would also like to try something all white! Thank you to my darling Gwen for taking these photos for me! Enjoyed them as much as I did taking her photos too!:D On the other hand, last following photos were taken by Chloe, and she's amazing in capturing these shots as well! Love them!

Last three photos above taken at:

Escentials Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #03-02/05
Singapore 238859

It's a really beautiful shop where you can buy amazing scents and skincare (such as Glamglow, which I will be reviewing soon!)

Also wore this to the Anna Sui event at the same day which I will be posting about soon as well.

See you again in a bit, guys!

Ora2 Stain Clear Review

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last week, Ora2, a well know toothpaste brand from Japan, sent me their latest limited edition toothpaste. As a lover of all things kawaii, I couldn't resist their packaging, and though most people would initially perceive them as kiddy, I was quite excited to try them out.

When choosing dental care products, I always opt for the original flavor because I want to feel that really fresh and minty feeling after I brush, which is why I was a bit hesitant to try them because they come with flavours.

From left to right: Peach Leaf Mint, Natural Mint and Apple Rose Mint

So I was glad to know that despite the lovely flavour, it was still minty with that really fresh feeling you get every time you brush. Also, I noticed that because I enjoy the taste, I now tend to brush longer than I did before!

It also comes with a stain clear mouthwash which are available in the same flavors. I prefer this to the usual mouthwash that I often immediately want to spit out because of the strong alcohol taste; on the contrary this is more pleasant to swish around for a while.

The prints are too adorable that I actually want to buy more!

I was also sent a tooth brush, which I initially thought was for kids because of the small head. After a week of using, I realized it is actually more effective using it to reach areas that cannot be attended to by bigger brushes. I'm not attaching a close up photo of my teeth because that would be gross (they are not as white as I want them to be and have always been that way since I was kid) but honestly it is definitely less stained than it was before I used this toothpaste a week ago! Well, what else do you expect? It's a japanese brand.:D

Below are excerpts from the press release as to how OraSTAIN CLEAR Dental Paste works:

1. High Cleaning Silica - safely removes the first layer of plague and stains, it also provides a polishing effect to give teeth a whiter appearance.

2. Stain Control Agent (Disodium C12-14 Pareth-2 Sulfosuccinate) – unique formula to gently dissolve any remaining stains and prevent stain build-ups.

Peroxide and pyrophosphate free, Ora2 STAIN CLEAR Dental Paste also contains fluoride which creates an additional protection around the teeth enamel, thus reducing risk of acid attack and tooth decay. 

"Ambassador for this campaign is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the icon and leader of the Japanese ‘KAWAii” culture which aims to instill a new value of happiness and “KAWAii” in everyday tooth-brushing through the collaboration with Ora2. Not to mention, the songstress even has a song dedicated to the toothpaste! Titled ‘Sunngoi Aura’, it was written to spread the concept of self-improvement and positive feeling."

There is also a cute downloadable game app for both IOS and Android and each product comes with a serial code that you can use for the game!

Check out their very fun website here:

and Facebook here!

You can get these limited edition Ora2 Dental Products at Watson's outlets from these branches:

Parkway Parade
Rivervale Mall
NTUC Hougang Mall
Bukit Batok
Marina Bay Sands
Changi City Point
The Star Vista
Plaza Singapura 1
Djitsun Mall

Summer Indulgence with Aqualabel, Tsubaki and Senka

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer solstice just happened yesterday, but because we're not a country with four seasons of happiness (wow, bad pun), the longest day of the year is not really that noticeable to us. Well in this island where it's perpetually summer, we still got to hold an occasion where we can indulge in this season, hosted by Aqualabel, Tsubaki and Senka! Along with games, food and catching up with like minded bloggers, we were introduced to their newly launched products.

If you're heading over to the beach anytime soon, you'll be needing these essentials!

 The event was held at Coastes at Sentosa which is really a relaxing setting!
 I never thought of my scalp, to be honest. But yes, it does need a lot of moisture now that my hair's been kinda fried. 

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos during the event itself because the place had a dim and cozy ambience. Not complaining though, cause I got hold of their newest products to bring home and try!
 Left to right: Tsubaki Head Spa, Aqualabel Whitening Jelly Essence, Senka Mineral Essence UV
Head Spa

"In order for hair to grow beautifully, the scalp must be treated similarly as the facial skin to prevent dryness. Insufficient moisture lowers he skin barriers, allowing the skin to dry up. Skin dryness increases the chances of inflammation, which causes newly grown hair to lack firmness and elasticity. It is therefore important to promote scalp health for the growth of firm and supple hair."

Natural Essential Oil Blend, including Sage, Ginger, Rosehip, Thyme and Sorbitol
Camelia Flower Extract
Camelia Oil


One remarkable thing about this is that it feels super shiok to apply on your head! Do you remember those candies that are like fireworks in your mouth with all those crackling/popping sensation? It's almost the same as this product! There was a head spa booth at the event itself and using this, we were given head massages, and it felt so good! It also has a very relaxing and pleasant smell so it really feels as if you're having professional head spa done at your own home. Just add music though.


1. Shake bottle horizontally for 4 to 5 minutes.
2. Position the nozzle upright about 2cm away from the cleansed scalp.
3. Spray over 8 to 10 spots onto your scalp in a single session, holding about 1 sec per spray.
4. Gently press onto the spots with your palms until the sparkling/popping sound disappears.
5. Massage your scalp lightly and relax with the aromatic scent.

Price: S$18.90

Mineral Essence UV

"It has protection as high as SPF 50 against strong UV rays while retaining the freshness on your skin. This sunscreen prevents the formation of dark spots and includes generous amount of dewy fresh moisturizing and skincare ingredients to keep skin looking youthful, resilient and firm."

SPF 50+PA++++
Anti Aging Care
Made with 100% Mineral Water
Resistant to Sweat and Sebum
Pre-make up base for smooher application of foundation
Easily removed with normal cleanser
Fragrance free, no mineral oil, no artificial colours and dermatologist Tested

I am actually keeping this product as a reserve in case I travel overseas, since I am still using my first SENKA sunblock! 

Price: S$17.90

Whitening Jelly Essence

"High permeating Jelly holding plenty of moisture and skin beautifying ingredients such as m-tranexamic acid, double hylauronic acid, glycylglycine G, etc. After use, it firms skin affected by annoying dilated pores and keeps moisture for many hours with the skin protected by the veil of the jelly. It also has an astringent effect that reduces oil production yet still able to maintain moisture in the skin."

I was already pretty much interested upon seeing it at the eveny itself, it looked super clean and fresh to me. I became hesistant to try it when i read "moisturizing" again, but like other aqualabel products, it's actually safe to use for oily skin! I've been using it since I received it and it did even reduce my skin's oiliness during the day which is something most moisturizerd don't do. So yes I do recommend this to people who have the same oily skin as me yet sensitive to moisturizers. As for the whitening though, I'm not really sure if it has made my skin fairer. My dark marks are still there and overall I feel it's still the same level of fairness as before. Other than that I really enjoy using this jelly.:)

Price: S$29.90

What would you like to try among the products above? You can also visit and like their facebook for more:





Coastes Singapore
Location: 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-05 Sentosa, Singapore

Online Shoppers
Location: 14 Scotts Road (Fareast Plaza) #03-96A, Singapore 228213.