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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello hello~ I'm back, and with a lot of backlogs since my blog took advantage of the holidays instead of me, I didn't go on vacation whatsoever, still had to work. >.< But that's alright. Anyway! Last December we were invited to a media event for Tsubaki and Senka. If you're not too familiar with the brands, both are from Shiseido, Tsubaki bringing hair products that aim to bring luster and shine to women's tresses, wheareas Senka is a skincare line for those who want simple yet effective skincare. It also comes at a highly affordable price but with premium quality (as most Japanese products are, high quality, that is.) It was held at a very cozy cafe, the Butter Studio!

So cute and dreamy! I wanted to ask how many packs of cotton they used for setting this up. LOL

Was there with my favorite gorgeous darlings - Alene and Gwen!

We were introduced to the products as shown in the photos below, but the main stars of the night were the Speedy Perfect Whip for Senka and the Out of Bath treatments for Tsubaki! Will be divulging more on that later :)

There were a lot of games but since I have the worst hand and eye coordination ever, I let both Gwen and Alene play and I was just a spectator. LOL
We got to take home their amazing products as you can see from below!

TSUBAKI hair care products have three key ingredients in them:

1. Melanin Hole Repair Ingredient. Arginine, repairs the melanin holes as it restores the inner structure of the hair fibre that allows light to be reflected evenly to create beautiful shine and lustre.
2. UV Protective Ingredient . It helps to reduce daily UV radiation and protects the hair from UV damage.
3. Selected Camellia Oil. An oil known for its uses to repair the hair cuticle while retaining shine and elasticity, it smoothens and softens the hair fibre, allowing hair to reflect light beautifully.
Shining Hair Water
Price: $16.90 @ 250mL
(Also comes with refill pack which can be cost-saving, $13.50 @ 220mL)

A new addition to the Shining series, the Shining Hair Water instantly replenishes moisture and shine to the hair, making it silky smooth and lustrous.

*Creates silky smooth hair without oily feel
*Protects hair against UV exposure during the day
*Refreshing scent with floral and green notes

I really like the way their products'smell, flowery and not too overwhelming. I'm always lazy with haircare so I use this when my dry hair needs more lustre and shine! (which is EVERY SINGLE DAY but I'm crazy busy so I only get to use it when I remember to do so)

How to use:
Hold the spray nozzle 5 - 10 cm away from your hair and spray generously to moist the hair. Comb/ brush the sprayed hair before drying with a hair dryer or allowing hair to dry naturally.

Damage Care Hair Water 
Price: $16.90 @ 250mL
(Refille Pack - $13.50 @ 220mL)

Created to instantly repair and protect against damage, the Damage Care Hair Water makes hair elastic and lustrous right from roots to tips.

*Repairs dry and brittle hair for a smooth feel and manageability right to the ends
*Protects hair against UV exposure during the day
*Refreshing scent with floral and green notes

I use this for my very brittle and dry hair ends which tend to be all over the place! It really tames the hair and makes it look more most and manageable afterwards.

How to use:
1. Apply Damage Care Hair Water on dry hair (after blow drying). It may also be used to tame out-of-bed hair.

Really lucky to have gotten hold of these two as everyone has been commenting on how dry and damaged my hair looks. I'll be doing a before and after photo for this products after this post! Also, time for me to focus more on hair treatments! My hair really is one of the most neglected part of me :(

They also gave us the Speedy Perfect Whip together with the other Senka skincare range.

Speedy Perfect Whip
$13.90 @ 150mL
(Refill Pack - $10.90 @ 130mL)

- Creates thick, creamy foam with one pump
- New Cleansing Technology :
     Removes dirt/ impurities and oil gently and effectively without stripping away essential moisture
     Quick and easy rinsing (half the time required!)
- Leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized

- Suitable for all skin types

How to use:
Take an appropriate amount (about two pumps) onto wet palm. Spread the foam across the entire facial area in circular motion and rinse off thereafter.

For those of you who want a fuss free cleanser, this is for you! It also comes with Perfect Watery Oil ($22.90 @ 230mL) for gentle removal of makeup and other impurities and you can use it while showering!

Took some polaroid photos with the lovely girls!

TSUBAKI Damage Care Hair Emulsion, Damage Care Hair Water and Shining Hair Water and SENKA Perfect Whip are available each exclusively in Watsons stores from 06 February 2014 onwards.

Below are more photos from our venue which was so comfy, cozy and adorable! I wanted to order and eat all the cupcakes they were so yummy O.o

Google+ did this Twinkling "Auto-awesome" photo for me. I was kinda surprised it did that without me clicking anything at all, but it really is awesome huh?

Love their decors!

Thanks again to DSPG, Shiseido Singapore and Butter Studio for having us!!

Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar
Opening Hours:
Sun - Mon: 12:00 - 23:00
Wed - Thu: 12:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 00:00
Closed: Tue


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