All White (and how to wear them)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Since I was a kid, I've always fancied the thought of wearing all white. Every christmas I would plan to ask my mom to buy me some white pants and white shirt, but I never got around to doing so because it is such a daunting pair to pull off! One wrong move and you'd end up looking like an asylum escapee.

Finally a couple of weeks ago I tried to, and I was very happy for not looking entirely stupid in it!:) Below are the photos taken during that day!

I may not be the perfect model but here are some easy guidelines on how to wear an all white outfit:

1. QUALITY. If you are going to wear all white, make sure that the quality of the dress is good. If it is yellowish and your top and bottom are not on the same level of whiteness, or the fabric is too thin that your undies are already showing, it will certainly look a lot less classy.

2. NEATNESS. The key to wearing all white is to look clean. After all, that is what white usually represents right? As you can see my roots have grown and they were bound to look very untidy as can be seen from my previous ootds. Since I had no time to recolor, I asked my hairstylists from Komachi the Hair Cult to help me do something about it and I was so ecstatic that they did a fantastic job; exactly as I wanted my hair to be: neat, tidy and swept off my face! And if you're wondering, they used gel to hold it in place, but it was quite amazing too that it was so easy to wash off that night.

The ear accessory added edginess to the crisp outfit.

So then, when wearing something all white, do see to it that your hair is not a mess and be it a ponytail or curls, just make sure they're clean and tidy looking.

3. ACCESSORIES must be kept simple as well. I find that gold goes so well with white and this combination reminds me of how greek goddess are usually portrayed: flowing white gowns and gold accessories. Other colors are fine too, but it's best to keep them at a minimum combination.

I chose the gold and black band to match my shoes and the rest of my gold accessories.

4. MAKEUP. For this look I chose to make it look more natural by choosing a subtle pink lipstick in order to match the simplicity of the whole ensemble and to build an almost effortless aura around it. However, it would also go great with a bright red lipstick if you want to go for a more glam look. Simple eye makeup and a clean foundation with less blush (in fact, I didn't use any blush for this) would also be more desirable.

5. SHOES. I opted to use my black heels again to keep the monotone and also add contrast to the pure white. White heels are also fine but again, it won't be good if they are a different shade of white than your clothes. Cream would be ok too as long as they match your bag. Even fuschia pink heels would go great with whites; you can get creative but remember to always keep it simple. Maximum elements within the outfit should be 3.

So there, hope it was useful to you guys who would also like to try something all white! Thank you to my darling Gwen for taking these photos for me! Enjoyed them as much as I did taking her photos too!:D On the other hand, last following photos were taken by Chloe, and she's amazing in capturing these shots as well! Love them!

Last three photos above taken at:

Escentials Paragon
290 Orchard Road, #03-02/05
Singapore 238859

It's a really beautiful shop where you can buy amazing scents and skincare (such as Glamglow, which I will be reviewing soon!)

Also wore this to the Anna Sui event at the same day which I will be posting about soon as well.

See you again in a bit, guys!

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