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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Okay so I did mention before that I did something drastic to my hair. Something really different that people almost cannot recognize me anymore. lol.

I've been having my hair done (and by having hair done it means once or twice a year, yes I am that lousy when it comes to hair I really should go for treatments more often) at Komachi since two years ago, because you see, I am very particular with how my hair is cut. My hair is naturally wavy/curly and if it's not Koreans or Japanese who cut my hair I end up looking silly. Im serious. Particularly my fringe, I can't really trust anyone else to cut my hair. So yes my hairstylist is Meiko, and she is japanese.:)

What I also like about them is that they really care for my hair. Like, Miko (Not Meiko now don't be confused! LOL Meiko is the hairstylist and Miko assists her and does the treatments!:)) would always remind me not to use hot water for my hair because apparently, that's bad.

You may or may not use this photo later to convice me that I look better in this hair. Also, last photo of me this year with these locks.

Okay maybe that was second to the last photo. Kekeke

So yeah. As I was saying. Miko really cares for my tresses. She also flat out discouraged me from doing this to my hair. Which is... bleaching it. Yep, I bleached my hair. She advised that it really damages the hair and the colour I wanted was very fleeting. But I was quite hard headed and insistent so she scared me with it's okay I guess, we can always cut your hair really short if it becomes too damaged, which almost successfully made me back out but I'm really quite the hard headed one. And so, we proceeded!

Bleaching once..
Bleaching twice.. I actually liked this colour, like platinum blonde. But I guess my hair won't be able to take that kind of bleaching.

Gaaaaa this was flat out scary!!

Starting to  turn into the colour I wanted!
It actually took me the whole day, my whole sunday was spent there just to colour it this way. Also, Miko sponsored a treatment for me so that my hair will be less damaged!

Meiko-san starting to iron and curl my hair^^ 


It didn't appear too dry because of Miko's signature treatment! I loved it so much, because not only did it moisturize my hair, it was also very relaxing! Cause during the treatment it began to become quite itchy and uncomfortable because of the chemicals, but when she applied the scalp treatment it was immediate relief and very cooling on the head. It's a really great way to end the day after sitting on that chair for hours on end. This is Miko's signature treatment so do look for her when you want to go for this treatment too!:)

Hair and Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment

Main ingredient is green tea leaves to soothe and calm the scalp down after the chemical service, and also for sensitive scalps. It also balances back the scalp pH. It also has mint, which gives the very cooling and relaxing sensation and instantly removes any irritation on the scalp.

Hair Treatment with Argan Oil

This rejuvenates dry hair and makes it moisturized. Frizzy hair becomes more smooth! Seriously I was already expecting my hair to look like a broomstick when I walked out but thankfully this treatment made it manageable.

Miko on the left and Meiko-san on the right! Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!
 Also, since I was there for a long time, they made sure I wasn't hungry, gave me biscuits, tea, Milo, etc. I felt quite pampered, which is actually the whole point of going to a salon, right? Thank you so much Miko and Meiko-san!:)

Later on that day! I am loving my new hair! It's very light ash brown by the way!
So I am writing this a few weeks later, almost a month jeez I'm sorry. As I've said before, I am very careless with my hair. I know I'm supposed to wash it every other day but I can't help but wash it every day, well, because the weather is so hot I cannot take it. I have to do another treatment again soon, because it has started to become dry again which is inevitable! And annoyingly enough my roots are starting to grow! ack! So here is a preview photo of my hair now.. even though the ashy-brown has faded and I am now a blonde (hopefully not bimbo), I still love it and I think I'm keeping this hair muhahahaha

I will be posting the rest of these photos after this post. Why not now? Because Im vain and I want a separate post for that. Hee. 

Feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding my treatment, or anything else!
Also, you can contact them, or find them here:


360 Orchard Road
#02-03/04 International Building(next to ANZ Bank)

Tel:+65 63399432 +65 68363391

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