BIODERMA Crealine AR BB Cream Review

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I have drafted this out for quite some time but after last week's events (re: my previous posts) I postponed posting for a while.

Anyway, as I may have mentioned before, my skin has been problematic recently and my acne is very horrible. Been trying to cover up with BB Cream since foundation is a no-no (I tried putting it on one day for better coverage and the following day there were 3, yes 3, additional nodules (those that are bumps and inflamed under the skin) on my face wtf. Last time it wasn't like this as I can use foundation without causing any harm to my skin, but I'll save that story for another post. Which is why I've been trying to look for a BB cream that won't further aggravate my pimples. I also used mineral makeup last time and it was good but now it just cannot cover my blemishes.

Been trying to look for those made for sensitive skin, initially I used Dr. Wu ACNECUR BB cream, it was okay in that it didn't add more pimples than it should and my skin wasn't irritated, but it was so shiny at the end of the day so I didn't like it. I searched and saw that Bioderma has its line of BB Cream and I decided to buy.

Price. I bought it at S$47.90 (Yes, it is expensive but I thought it would be worth it).
Texture. Texture is creamy and less oily than other BB creams, colour is also thicker to provide more coverage. Overall it does blend well and doesn't look shiny--which is what you are trying to avoid if you have oily skin--although once you apply you do feel that you have a layer of makeup sitting on your face.

Fragrance. It doesn't have any strong smell and it doesn't smell bad either; it only has a very mild soapy fragrance. This is a plus point for me because anything that smells too good almost always causes disaster on my skin.
Colour. This is the major problem why I never got to use it-- its colour is on the darker shade. The thing is (and I know this is quite stupid of me) I'm not sure if it comes in different shades because it was only available in this colour when I bought it. For reference, when I need to use foundation I buy the lightest color available. (I currently can't refer to it as NC(insert no here) because honestly I don't use mac foundation. It also causes me pimples too.) Anyway for those who do not like looking too pale which is also the problem with other BB creams, this may be the BB cream for you.

Unfortunately after trying it on my face for only one time because of the colour difference, it's hard to say that it does what it's supposed to do: fight redness (redness cause by skin sensitivity) provide sun protection (SPF30) and give hydration to the skin. I can guess though, from using the BIODERMA Solution Micellaire which has been raved about by many makeup artists, that the BB cream won't be as fantastic, at least for me. Although the Micellaire, a makeup remover/cleanser does remove all makeup and my skin really feels so clean afterwards, it also doesn't seem to leave any residue or oily film as compared to other cleansers/makeup removers, my breakouts worsened and the redness didn't go away. So I'm hypothesizing that the BB cream will be the same, but that may be because right now my skin is overreacting to almost everything I put on it.

Meanwhile, I'm still searching for a better BB cream and will be posting up once I do!

*Update* found a BB Cream which is more suitable for my oily, acne prone skin. Read about it here.

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