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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thanks to Gwen, I was given the privilege to meet Rachel Edlich, one of two founders of the Radical Skincare line, the other of which is Liz Edlich, daughters of renowned professor of plastic surgery, Dr. Richard F. Edlich, MD.PHD. Held at Escentials, Paragon, we were ushered in to hear Rachel tell us the inspiring story behind the family legacy and their journey towards their vision of creating the most powerful and potent skincare in the market.

It all started when Rachel started suffering from Rosacea from her second child, while Liz, on the other hand, was troubled by the signs of ageing that has started to take their toll on her skin. This led them to challenge their scientist to create a powerful anti aging solution yet gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin like Rachel's. Amazingly, they were able to, and though it was initially created for themselves, they wanted to make a difference in other people's lives as well, so now we have the Radical range of products available for us too!

It was a really heartening saturday morning, and while Rachel explained all these history as well as the science to the products, we were able to try the them right there and then, too.

What Radical is about.

Here is a summary given to us of what Radical Skincare can do for you:
Radical Skincare ingredients have been clinically proven to:
  • Maximize potency in antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage
  • Fight 10 free radicals with a broad spectrum of powerful antioxidants
  • Increase skin hydration by 66%
  • Reduce wrinkles by 50%
  • Increase collagen and elasticity for smoother skin by 128%
  • Reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness
  • Even skin tone and reduce age and sun spots
  • Reduce pore size 

Youth Infusion Serum

First up is the youth infusion serum, "a booster serum to hydrate, lift, and rejuvenate. Prepares skin for high levels of active ingredients." The texture is very light and with a not too overwhelming and very refreshing scent, as is with most of their products.

Eye Revive Creme

"4 in 1 treatment, helps to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, discoloration, and hydration."  We often forget to care for eyes! Radical Skincare is so thoroughly complete, Rachel and Liz made sure they didn't miss anything in their overall solution to ageing skin.

Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

"Exfoliates, firms, and reduces pores size. Helps promote cell turnover and accelerate Radical Skincare performance." I liked these pads! We tried them and it intensively cleaned my skin together with removing dead cells. It's also unique since it doesn't require rubbing your face with rough material, like most exfoliants are.
Eek! This is just a part of my neck that I rubbed with the exfoliating pads. Didn't dare to continue so as not to disgust Alene beside me, haha.

SPF30 Skin Perfecting Sun Screen

"An ideal, multi-protection, multi-function screen for skin exposed to sunlight" This is another of their products that piqued my interest. It is very light, not at all sticky, and no sunscreen smell at all. Definitely NOT all the things that we hate in a sunscreen.

Apart from these, we were able to take home and try three of the other skincare products, happy bloggers we were! After the talk, Rachel was very friendly and patiently answered our questions one by one. I asked her regarding--well what else--my acne issue and would I have any problems with the products? She was very honest and advised me that since its target is anti-ageing and not acne prevention, I may try it first on one part of my face, perhaps the jaw line and wait for the results, but let me rest assured that it is powerful yet gentle at the same time. As mentioned earlier, she had Rosacea and this helped heal her troubled skin then.

Left to right: Multi Brightening Serum, Instant Revitalizing Mask, Anti-Aging Restorative Creme
The way the cylinders are sealed are also very interesting! Twist to open, no lost caps!
Instant Revitalizing Mask

The Instant Revitalizing Mask delivers a complex of natural active ingredients to the skin, helping to optimize oxygen resources for a lasting youthful glow, stimulating energy production and simultaneously controlling oxidation reactions. 


  • Improved respiration of the skin
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smoother skin
  • Skin that is brighter and more radiant 
Apply a thin layer to cleansed, dry skin. Leave to dry for several minutes before rinsing. Use twice a week or as required.

It was quite fun to use this mask and it certainly was different from all other masks I've tried. It'll start to form a foam-like texture on your face, I then wash it off after 3-5 minutes and my skin would feel really soft to the touch.

Retail Price: 95 SGD 

Available from July 2013 

Multi Brightening Serum

-Treats all causes of blemishes and uneven complexions.
-Works throughout the life cycle of melanin, the main source of skin pigmentation and has 7 targeted actions enabling it to prevent and repair all pigmentation disorders.

It works as a skin 'scrub'. 

MULTIBRIGHTENING SERUM works using a range of 7 actions:
  • Inhibiting tyrosinase
  • Stopping endothelin production
  • Inhibiting stem cell factor
  • Limiting melanin transport to the tips of melanocytes
  • Limiting melanin transfer to keratinocytes
  • Limiting dendrite extension
  • Exfoliating with salicylic acid derived from the wintergreen plant

(So many scientific terms that may be of interest to you chemistry girls out there)


  • More even complexion
  • Less intense marks
  • Less numerous marks
  • More radiant skin

Apply morning and evening to your cleansed face and neck, after applying Serum. Continue the treatment with Moisturizer.

I'm happy to report that this serum did not break me out whatsoever! It doesn't have a strong scent and is very light in texture. As with serums though that aid your cell turnover, do give it more than a week to show visible results. I am still continuously using it and I feel that it is helping me maintain a healthier and more radiant skin.

Available from May 14
Retail Price: 215 SGD 

Anti Aging Restorative Moisture Creme

"Reduces wrinkles, hydrates, and evens skin tone. Formula boosts skin firmness and elasticity." This is more for women whose main concerns are signs of ageing, especially wrinkles.


I recommend this to those who have really dry skin, and whose main concern are wrinkles. To someone like me who has a very oily face, use this cautiously as it is quite thick and apply only to areas of concern, and not the whole face.

Here is the complete and full range of Radical products:

They are really comprehensive and covered all anti ageing concerns.

Where to find them though?
Escentials Paragon, #03-02/05 Tel: 6737 2478
Escentials Tangs Orchard, Tangs Beauty Hall Level 1 Tel: 6734 2122 

Escentials is not just a shop, I find it as a very relaxing space with its elegant and beautiful interiors and mixture of delightful fragrances. You should totally go see and feel for yourself.

Even the brownies they served us looked--and tasted--so luxurious!

Thank you Rachel, for sharing your valuable time together with this wonderful products with us!

Oh and after the event I had lunch with Alene at Bakerzin! Wish I had more time to spend with these girls! It's weird I don't have a photo with them, Gwen was busy chatting with the staff and Alene and I were taking turns taking OOTDs. Lol. Nevertheless had a wonderful time!

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