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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Most women (if not men) should know by now that there are different facial skin types for each person. There's Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, and the luckiest of all, Normal. This is the reason why what works for another person may not work for you, and vice versa. Thus it is essential to know the skin type of a person who recommends to you a product that has worked for her (or him), because there might be a possibility that it may not be suitable for you.
This post is about what kind of skin type I have, to serve as a guide for my reviews, so you know if we're on the same boat! I know there are good products out there that are okay for all kinds of skin, but to be on the safe side, it's best to know if it will suit you or not, especially for those who have problematic skin.

Entering my teenage years, I started having very oily skin, something I inherited from my mom. I had a lot of pimples, and i had to bear with them until around college during which I found this magic of a soap called Kojic Acid Soap. It's super cheap, had whitening properties, and eliminated my acne! However after a while my skin became less oily but quite dry so until now even though I've stopped using it I have combination skin..oily on some parts like the upper cheeks and T-zone and dry near the mouth and jaw line. I also have open pores which i truly wish I could get rid of.

Have i told you that my skin is so much prone to acne? Lol. I think it's the main defining characteristic of my face. My whole struggle regarding it is so long I might as well write a trilogy about it! Almost anything can cause them: foundation, blusher, fragrance, moisturizer, and most recently, hormones (which was a bitch to get rid of). If you're like me, you must be careful about anything you slather onto your face and no matter how tempting it might be, try not to purchase too many skin care products that will most probably be wasted because your skin won't be able to take it anyway.

The issue with moisturizers
Let me tell you one thing, my skin hates moisturizers! And it sucks because everyone needs to moisturize. It hates the creamy and rich type and it's totally sad because they do make your skin glow and make your pores appear smaller. My theory as to why my skin doesn't like it is because acne is best eliminated by drying up the area (which is what most acne medications do) since bacteria thrives in moisture. The only moisturizers that have worked for me is Hada Labo (and it was just the lotion, not even the cream. But I stopped using it because even though there weren't pimples, there were whiteheads that kept popping up.) and the Hydrator from the DrX clinic. The latter is the best so far that I've tried! It's very very light and gelish in texture which is probably why it works well for my face. Anyway, I know it's not only me with this weird dillema because I have a friend who's experiencing the same! It's best not to force it if you also cannot use moisturizers, and the only way is to hydrate it is from within--drink lots and lots and lots of water (something I've been trying to practice recently!).

My skin is sensitive in that I can't apply anything with too much fragrance or chemicals, otherwise, it'll have small red patches after I wash off. It's not the kind though that peels and become itchy, but this is still why I try to smell the product and read through the ingredients first before I buy it, because if it smells too good, it would likely not be good for me.

Now that you know what skin type I have and where my opinions are coming from, how about you? Have you identified what's causing your skin problems (if any)?

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