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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

…could not resist the ultra lame answer to my post title above: the ceiling's up! Lol. Anyway. Pardon me for that. So yeah, what's up everyone? I guess everyone's busy and all. This will just be a random wordy post because I, well, I just want to talk. Even if it's just talking to myself to counter the effect of me becoming a very quiet person recently. I used to be so talkative. Now, I just try to say as less as possible. I don't feel like opening up, even to my closest friends. I'm not really sure why, if it's maturity and learning to talk less and listen more, or that growing up means having more secrets to protect, but honestly, I don't fancy this other side of me.

On the topic of being busy, man, the amount of busyness I have these days is incredible. Before, I thought I was already busy with 2 days of the week free. Now, it's almost a few hours of the week free because of some hobbies (wc includes blogging btw) I decided to enjoy despite my 13-hour work during weekdays. Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I'm doing. And despite my work schedule leaving me no time to do other things, I'm glad I'm learning a lot. Even if I still feel so mediocre (which i totally, totally hate) and make stupid errors that could have been avoided if I were more careful. But then again, that's the only way to learn, right?
I've also been thinking of a random million things. Do you do that? Like sitting in the mrt/bus and your thoughts jump from one thought to another? When im in a public transport I look at other people and wonder what's going on in their minds. To those reading this, what do you think about when you're on your journey from one place to another? I'm curious to know. Here are some of the things I think about when I'm on my way to work/home:

- Something I once knew but forgot along the way is that only you can make yourself happy. Sure, your loved ones are an important part, but if you're not happy with yourself, you can't be happy with anyone else.

- Leadership does not mean doing everything yourself. Being able to makes you feel good and boosts your ego, but if you're not able to utilize the full abilities/capacities of your team members, then you're wasting time and resources.

- Fushigi Yuugi is still the best anime ever. I'm gonna watch it all over again.

- My manager was bullying me at the start of our second project (he's a very nice guy by the way w/c makes it even baffling and annoying when he tries to bully people), I was angry and hurt at first till I realized it was my fault for not doing my best. Now I just try to focus more and improve on myself. Even if it won't change his perception of me, it changed the way I saw myself.

- Confidence is everything.

- I really want to make this blog beautiful.

- I just need to lose 5-6KG. Why am I still gaining weight even though I'm eating less?!

- How long more before the next Rurouni Kenshin comes out?

- お金がありませんから、今お金がいちゅばんほしいです。(been practicing my Japanese but it's just so damn difficult I still cannot converse in it)

- You may have excelled in the past, but that won't matter unless you maintain your best in the present, and keep improving for the future.

Okay if I keep this up I won't be able to stop! They may sound like your daily quotes but those things really run through my head when I'm alone. Should really keep up with my long time friends and family more instead of hiding in a shell.

And because this post is full of words, here's a picture to amuse you:

You might have already seen it if you're following me on instagram! Had a lot of fun copying Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen and I think I may be really her you know, with both of sharing the same name (yeah I rarely mention my real name here) and hair colour and all. LOLOL

...and one taken from my cam (previous photo from my phone) I don't really look like her here or the other one for that matter; just that I think my eyes look a lot more huge when I'm looking up :D

But hey! If you don't believe I'm the real Princess Anna of Arendelle here's evidence: I also had the same light blond streak a few years back! My hair wasn't brownish blond then, yet, though.

Okay enough of my delusions haha. On another happy note, I'm so excited to be watching Ellie Goulding live this June! Oemgeeeee i soooo love her!

Teehee I apologize for being so random! More updates, blog posts and some giveaways (hopefully you guys are keen!) soon, so don't go away, will be back after a few nights' sleep! 

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