Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a self confessed weirdo, and more than once all my friends have told me this in one way or another. Can't help it, I just tell myself it's another form of "special". Lol

*See them knitted brows* Didn't manage to get nice full shots that day because we (boyfriend and I) went to the embassy then and by the time we were through we were just so tired and with the merciless sun making us all sweaty, no one was really in the mood to take photos (except me maybe). But I love this outfit so I'm posting it anyway.^^ 

Top: Pull and Bear
Skirt and Shoes: Online

Have I told you guys my favorite color is yellow? I love how the sudden shock of bright shoes makes the whole look appear cheery and youthful.

Anyway, recently I've been in a depressed state and lost confidence in myself again, thus the lack of updates. I just want to hide and hibernate and shut myself off from the whole world, but I know I'm truly not that person! We always have choices and the world won't wait for us to decide. So I decided to just keep going
and that I should never give up! And so must you! がんばりましょう!!

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