BlackBox SG First Year Anniversary

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Have you guys ever heard of Black Box? It's a bi-monthly unisex lifestyle-sampling box. Each box contains a limited set of at least five (5) of the latest complimentary product samples and vouchers from various independent labels. The box itself is hand delivered, and the product samples and vouchers inside provide an opportunity for the subscribers to get a glimpse and a taste of the latest lifestyle items and servicesEligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on either balloting, where each subscriber will have one chance of balloting for each edition of Black Box via a Facebook App OR by paying for your own courier fee of SGD6.00 through Black Box e-store or Qoo10. So if you're asking, if you don't get to win the ballots, nope you don't have to pay for the box, just the courier fee! Easy and cheap eh? Go subscribe!

So yeah, a few weeks ago I went with Gwen and Alene to their first year anniversary!

From there, we were introduced to some (if not many) of their brands and at the end received a HUMONGOUS Black Box!!

...inside of which is the original-sized BlackBox that subscribers can receive bimonthly which contains these:

It sure is an interesting way to try products before buying them. The products that we got at the party were interesting AND useful too!


Ziaja comes with a range of products for face, body and hair care. I got to try their micellar cleansing water, which I like, because it absolutely does not have any fragrance at all and doesn't irritate my skin. Cleans pretty well too!

How to use: Apply on a cotton pad and sweep over face to remove makeup and/or other impurities.

Darlie (Toothpaste)

We were shown a demo how Darlie expert white can whiten teeth by preventing stains, especially for those who love to drink coffee and tea (zzz.. like me) Have yet to try because I'm still finishing my own tub of toothpaste, but I surely need this!

L'Oreal EverStrong

Funny how most of the products that were there that night were applicable to me. Lucky to have gotten hold of L'Oreal's thickening tonic--I know my hair is thick enough, but it has become so weak and brittle and this helps to fortify from the scalp.

How to use: After shampoo, spray onto roots and massage into scalp.
I actually love the feeling whenever I apply it, because it has this cooling sensation (it has rosemary mint) that calms my scalp especially if it's feeling itchy.

Adore Feminine Pads

What I actually like about these pads is that the Comfort All Days come in pack that contains 6 pcs Day pad (for regular daytime use), 3 pcs Night pad (for heavy flows) and 4 pcs Lite Flow Day (for, well, as it says, light flow when your period is about to end). Very convenient!! It apparently also contains Negative Ions which, according to their website, control and suppress the survival and growth of bacteria effectively.

I've already tried it and it did seem to be more hygienic and not irritating as compared to the old ones that I use. Definitely repurchasing. Not expensive too, ranging from S$4.65-S$5.85.

Star Lash

Being a constant user of false lashes, Star Lash is familiar to me, and I was quite surprised that it is a Singapore-grown brand. They have a wide variety of lashes from simple to thick to funky lashes. Also, I have been using their lash glue until now, since it is the only glue that can keep lashes firmly in place throughout the day for me. I've tried other brands and I'd always get this "Oh, one of your lashes is falling off" comments. I guess even my eyes are too oily. But not with star lash glue!

Jacqueline Burchell

This brand has a wide range of nail polish which includes Gel and Lacquer polishes. I've yet to try but judging from Paperkitties' use of them last time, they're of good quality. Check out their website here.


Those who know me well know how much I love soy. Also, it's a less guiltier option to dairy products! Unisoy is instant organic soy milk which is low in fat, cholesterol-free and dairy free. I personaly like the Black Soy Milk from the package. 

Hee Beauty

Unexpectedly, this is my favorite among all the products we were introduced to at Black Box's anniversary party. You see the LED thing right there? Initially I was drawn off by the packaging, that curly decor surrounding the light. It represents the "magic" that these lights do. It comes in several range:

Obviously I chose the Magic Acne, thinking what the heck I'd give it a try but how is light supposed to remove my pimples? Well guys and girls, been using it for a few weeks now AND IT WORKS! I would probably do a full review of this product later because it's just so interesting, but so you know, it does work.

How to use: Hold the device 3-5mm away from your face (near the areas of concern). The light will automatically turn off after it's done.

I usually use it before going to bed. I had this pimple last week and a few days after exposing it to this item the bump subsided. It wasn't coincidental too, because after that I used it on another pimple that started popping out and that, too, subsided. Seriously WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? Moreover, I've inquired from them and searched from the internet and apparently there are no side effects, as well.

See their website here.

Quite interesting, right? I really enjoyed myself trying out these products!

Thank you so much Black Box SG and gwenyummy !! ^_~

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