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Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's always fun going to Majolica Majorca events! The brand itself always has this magical and mystical feel, like something out of a story book. Aptly so, since they release their products by Chapter! We are now at Chapter 40, entitled the Eye Hunter!

Always feel very special with Majolica Majorca, they even give us personalized passes. Love the "Enchantress" theme! -_~

Enchantingly draped in gold are the new products of Majolica Majorca, along with the launch of the Ma Cherie refill packs! There were also games during the event with fun prizes! 

The girls were also there of course! Wouldn't be complete without them :)

Below are the door gifts, which are the new products for us to bring home and try!

 Ma Cherie Moisture, 200mL
I hope you haven't forgotten this sweet smelling shampoo from Ma Cherie! Apart from photo above which is a smaller version of the original shampoo and conditioner, It's also now available in refill packs so you don't have to waste those pretty containers and at the same time save some bucks :)

New products!
From left to right:

1. Linehunter ($19.90)
2. Perfect Automatic Liner ($22.90), 2 colours in VI303 Cool & Calm (metallic purple, in photo) and RD303 Hot-blooded (metallic maroon, not included in this post)
3. Honey Pump Gloss Neo BE 133 ($12.90)
4. Honey Pump Gloss Neo PK101 ($12.90)

The line hunter is quite unique in that the end is sharp, but turn it slightly and you'll see it is also flat. This gives you a lot of opportunities to draw different kinds of thickness, like a calligraphy artist!

What caught my attention though is the Perfect Automatic Liner, which comes in fun, metallic colours! I was a bit baffled at first on how to use it since upon opening, it looked like this, without a pen end:

So apparently what you had to do was this:

And there you go! Use it as you would any other eyeliner. If you then feel that the colour is running out, just twist again in order to get more "ink"! :)

For both liners, there's a wide range of possibilities on how to use it! All that's left for you to decide is how to apply your creativity.

I don't anymore use the smokey eye look these days as it tends to make me look more mature, and also, I never really do the really BLACK shadow, I always blend it with other colours. However, I imagine metallic to go really well with velvety black! So here's a different version of how you can use the Perfect Automatic Liner:

I loved Artemesia's fierce eyes at 300, Rise of an Empire, so I tried to replicate it. Must say I'm not even close to looking like her, haha! Anyway, this created an opportunity for me to use the Perfect Automatic Liner in VI303. It stands out doesn't it? I kinda like how you can clearly see the purple on top of the smokey eye. 

As for the Honey Pump Gloss Neo, the colours are really very subtle and are for those of you who go for natural looks. Comparison as below:

They look pretty sweet and perfect for everyday use together with the Linehunter!

Also, did you know that they always hold games and prizes on their Facebook so go like their pages!

Again, big thanks to Shiseido SG and the White Space for having us!

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