Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's starting to annoy me how atheism, rather than pure personal belief, is becoming a trend in the web and social media. Usually I don't care about other people's faith, or absence thereof. I believe in letting other people act according to their own moral standards as long as it's for the good of mankind. I think it's a low blow when people start to ridicule and make fun of others' religions. Moreover, it's like an atheist is now being made synonymous to an intellectual. Yes, there are a lot of highly intelligent individuals who are atheists but not all atheists are smart. Hello, logic please. It got to my nerves because on facebook there are some skeptics who would comment on posts when people thank God for the blessings they receive, and then these trolls post a lot of things about how people who believe in religion are stupid. I mean, come on! If you don't believe it, why bother convincing other people that their god/s are the bane of humanity? Are you trying to convince yourself also in the process?

I suppose you've heard of this: Respect begets respect. And that's exactly what I want believers and nonbelievers to practice!

One of the best things in Singapore is that everyone is allowed to follow their own religion. Despite belonging to different faiths, muslims, christians, buddhists, atheists, live peacefully amongst each other. Because there is respect, and no one holds religion against one other. Isn't that how we want the world to be?

Some say that the teachings of certain religions, for example, Islam and Christianity, are actually responsible for the killings, discrimination and all the problems our society is facing. You know what I think? I think that's bullshit! (sorry for using such a term in this kind of post, but it is.) That's such a sorry excuse for being human! It's not the religion that's causing all those hatred, it's Man himself! We make our own decisions, we act on our own accord, and it's within each of us to choose the correct interpretation of our faith, so please let's not generalize and blame the religion itself, because as far as I know, my God has never taught me to hate or to do evil. And no, I am not against homosexuals. Just to clarify, I also do not agree with overzealousness where people force others to join their religion, or become so obsessed with it that they end up doing heinous acts in the name of their faith. This is where problems arise, in the minds of men, and not in the religion itself.

I may not be a perfect Catholic, but then again, who is? Not only as a religious person, but as a human being everyone is bound to make mistakes. You who ridicule others, are you perfect? Do you know everything? Every single thing? No, right?

If you are standing up for your own principles, good for you. I have utmost respect for atheists who are what they are because they have come up with their own axioms and stand by it. But if you're out there saying you don't believe in any god just to impress and make people think you're smart, I'd want to say go to hell but you don't believe in it, so maybe just, just shut up until you actually know how to formulate your own hypotheses and not the ones you browse on the web. Maybe then you'll actually know how to make good use of life instead of wasting it away trolling on the internet.

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