Laterpost: Print on Print + Star Wars Day

Sunday, June 23, 2013

If this was Instagram, it would be hashtagged as latergram, (or maybe superlatergram since it has long expired). Hence, the title. (Yeah I know logically it's incorrect because it was labelled 'later' as opposed to insta/instant in instagram and it has no relation to blogging whatsoever... but why so serious?;p)

Anyway, last May we went to the Star Wars toy exhibit at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, since the bf is a collector and a fan. I realized too late that I forgot to bring my Chewbacca stuffed toy/bag and that I should have done my hair in two buns on both sides in honour of Princess Leia instead of that big bun on top. Anyway, it was too late!

I'm not a fashion expert (nor any fashion guru/stylist of any sort, i.e., I'm just an average person who tries to dress up when she has the time), but when it comes to choosing my outfit, my basic rule is balance. If I'm wearing too short below, then I must wear something conservative on top, and vice versa. If I have a striking print, then that must be the focal point and the rest should be kept simple: but this time I broke my own rules and decided to wear two prints at the same time. I don't think it looks that bad! I kept them monochromatic and the print almost similar with aztec pattern to still keep the whole look homogeneous.

As for the exhibit itself, it wasn't anything big, just a small room with displays of figures and vehicles, but if you're a fan, of course you just have to be there. Also, for that day there were storm troopers with whom you can take pictures with (I bet they're the same guys who roam the Toy Conventions), and a photobooth room where you can get printed pictures, if you give a minimum donation of S$10.

Hello there, Storm Trooper.
Turbo Tank and AT-TE
Tie Fighter and two different versions of Rancor.


Storm Troopers with Biker Scout
The Jedi Masters
Jawa Sandcrawler

Bantha (middle)

Y-Wing (front) with X-Wing in the background

Millenium Falcon (legacy collection)
An array of Star Wars 3 3/4" action figures 
Darth Vader, my love. Lol. Seriously, I like him.

Peace yo!
Naboo Fighter

"Hehehe.. I'm lucky I found you first."
Donald, Mickey and Minnie in Star Wars costume :D 
B-Wing (back, left), Y-Wing (centre) and the X-Wing (back, right)
Imperial Guard (1:1)
Tie Pilot (1:1)
Those are not all the toys there were, of course, but it was quite difficult to take a wide range of pictures inside the tight space and dense crowd. Next time I should be doing a post on our own collection!:)

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