Afternoon Tea with Laneige

Saturday, July 13, 2013

So uh, this post is again very late, it has been 2 weeks and you most definitely already know who won the Laneige beauty blogger challenge. It's ALENE!! Yay! *throws confetti* I'm really happy for her and I think she truly deserves it!!:)

If not for her too, I'd have almost forgotten to update, thankfully she asked for the pics and I got reminded about it! I've just been so busy my plans of updating my blog at least twice a week flew with the wind.

I was quite pleased that they did invite us for an afternoon tea party, I thought they were just gonna announce the winners and the 'losers' just have to forget and move on with their lives haha but it was so nice that we all got together again and we got to know each other even better! The girls are really so amazing and I can't emphasize enough how this was the most fulfilling part of the contest.:)

I was the first to arrive (how loserly! haha) and the venue was set at The King Louis Gril and Bar at Vivocity. I was expecting a, for lack of a better term, proper cafe but King Louis was quite good too! You'll see from the pics later that what we had were delectable! I would probably come back soon to try their main course.:)

But I wasn't alone for long, Trissy and Hui Ning came followed by Charmaine :D
A solo photo of Alene that I took because she was so lonely at the other table :D
We waited for a while before the confectioneries were served, and boy do they look yummeh!! 
 Laneige staff was so thoughtful, the tea that we had also must be good for skin. lol. I chose cherry marzipan! 
 The tea bag looked so pretty! Tastes nice too!

 Us teasing Trissy, touch up also must use Laneige. Lol
 Around 3pm they prepared for the announcement of the winner. Qiuqiu was also there to award the prize!
 The screen says: And the winner is...
Congratulations again!! I think everyone would remember how she said "I didn't expect to win loh", so cute and humble!
 Laneige staff surprised Qiuqiu and her best friend Mich for their birthdays!
 with two gorgeous girls beside me!
 Gwen is really such a darling! I'm so grateful that we became close through this competition. She is as sweet and pretty in personality as her outward appearance! A lot of my friends said they wanted to vote for Gwen but they were forced to vote for me. Haha!
 Group photo before we left The King Louis to head down to the Laneige roadshow.
The dress I wore was quite big for me, thus, I look fat. Nah I'm just kidding. Maybe I am fat. LOL
Gwen and I!
I feel so old being with Hui Ning lol
 With the winner!
Hope to see you again girls!

THANK YOU THANK YOU once again to all who voted for me, shared on Facebook, messaged their friends, forced other people to vote... I really am super blessed with wonderful family, friends and even acquaintances! I honestly don't care that I didn't win and didn't even come close to the 1000+ votes. Knowing that I have such wonderful people to support me is more than enough. HONTOU NI ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!

Ending this post with the printed picture of me from the roadshow~

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