Jimmy Choo- Illicit Flower

Friday, June 10, 2016

Oh hey! Oh my god-- I don't even want to mention how long I've been gone, but I'm back again, and this time with a post on the launch of Jimmy Choo's new fragrance that we attended. I'm not sure you guys remember my previous post about Jimmy Choo Exotic, anyway it was a few years back. A couple of weeks ago we were invited to try the new fragrance and make our own fresh bouquet of roses! (I can now make a bouquet for the bridesmaids of whoever is getting married among my friends!)

Me and Chloe holding the flower bouquets we made, respectively.

Unfortunately I realized I was too excited to take a picture of us arranging the flowers :/

One reason I disappeared for a while was that I had a MASSIVE, MASSIVE acne breakout 2 years ago. Thank God it has subsided now. I think my next post should be how to recover from Acne! As a foreword, Stress is really the problem! Damn it.

Gwen came later than we did but I'm soo glad I met up with these two in an event again! God, I missed this so much.

Anyhoo, back to the actual topic.

About the fragrance

Jimmy Choo Illicit flower is all about strength, sexiness and being provocative. Hence, the word Illicit, though I must admit the word itself sounds a bit negative to me (illicit affairs, illicit drugs) but I guess this is a term they chose to describe a woman who isn't afraid to break the rules.

"Illicit flower embodies the daring spirit of the Jimmy Choo woman. She is alluring, hypnotic and lives her life to the full. She perfectly portrays these qualities with her uninhibited personality and appetite for good times." Sandra Choi, Creative Director for Jimmy Choo

Illicit flower is edgy enough to wear with leather but elegant enough to spritz on silk. Opening with juicy apricot and zesty mandarin, the frivolous fruity accords have been crushed over pretty floral heart notes of sophisticated rose, grapefruit flower and sensual jasmine to create a sparkling scent that springs off skin and into the atmosphere.

Layered on top of creamy sandalwood and soft, seductive musk to mellow the sweet citrusy accents, this floral musk melts into the body to create a veil of mystique, symbolising all that is unforgettable.

Top: Apricot, Mandarin and Freesia

Heart: Rose, Grapefuit flower and Jasmine

Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood and Cashmerian


If you're expecting a sweet, girly scent because of the packaging--you're mistaken. As the name implies, the scent is definitely for the sexy, confident and mature woman; I'm quite unsure I fit this description as I am generally awkward and loves to think that I'm still 18, LOL. But this scent is definitely lovely for a night out of party or a date where you definitely want to make an unforgettable impression. Would I wear it? Of course, but probably not everyday.

We also received free Calligraphy lettering from Mont Blanc that day! I sincerely believe in this quote! In every moment that we experience, we have the power to change our own destiny. Isn't that what makes life exciting?

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