Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 x Macherie Winter Fragrance

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Majolica Majorca launch of Chapter 39 Pure Play, which consists of bold and rich toned colour to accentuate the feminine eyes and lip features  and makeup to create a pure and natural finishing; alongside its release of its limited edition Winter Floral Hair Fragrance. Glad to have been able to join despite rushing from work that day thanks to gwenyummy and paperkitties!

But first, my OOTN. lol

Was already wearing the Poisonous Apple lip gloss on the above photos as applied by the makeup artist!
The products being discussed to us by Tan Yi Feng, Brand Executive of Majolica Majolica and Ma Cherie.
Happy to see beautiful familiar faces!
I remember when I was a kid, there was a shampoo called Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific (I'm serious, and my hair really smelled so nice for the whole day) and since then I haven't really found anything to compare. MaCherie's line are pretty close though! Especially if you try their hair fragrance, your hair's bound to smell terrific even until evening (Yep Ive been using it, and it's really effective cuz my dad used to say my head never smelled any good. Now it's not so bad! lol)
Absolutely love their packaging.
And some more photos from the event:
Alene and I browsing around~
Happy to be with these girls!
Lovely ladies beside meeeeee
Tried some games. I'm no good of course. lol
Took home these goodies!!!
Limited Edition MaCherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance 
I haven't been using this yet because I'm still using their original hair fragrance! 
Rouge Majex
RD412 Pure Apple
RD311 Poisonous Apple
I preferred the poisonous apple to the pure apple and I'm glad that's what I got!
Lash Expander Edge Meister 17
It comes with two types of brushes: one side with smaller ones for those hard to reach lashes especially the lower lashes! Pretty useful.:)
The Little Humming Book IV
I wasn't able to take this home but I would have loved to because I really liked the highlighter. I'm gonna get me some at Watson's soon ;)

K so this is how the mascara looks like when applied (below photo), do you see the blue specks on my mascara? I never thought it would be that visible. Also, it does make my lashes really long. Although when they say waterproof it is REALLY waterproof because I almost cannot remove it afterwards. LOL.

For the lips (above photo) it's actually redder than in photos. LIKE! My lips look really moisturized and I love how it applies smoothly and wholly (if you know what I mean, some lip gloss just spreads the colour all over your lips).

So... this is how it looks as a whole haha sorry for the lame headband! Was trying to match! lol

aiko says I look old here and I must agree. Anyways.

Thank you so much to DSPG Creative Media and Shiseido Singapore for the invitation!

Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 and Macherie Limited edition products can be bought at all Watson's stores (Winter Floral Hair Fragrance will be available from December 5th!). You'll love it, I sure did!:)

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