"Think About Our Boys!": A MINDEF Event

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To be honest, it took me a long time before I was able to sit down and continue writing this post. Mainly because this event is to encourage stronger support for NS men from the women in their lives, be it girlfriend, mother or sister. But you see the thing is, I don't have a brother nor boyfriend who is part of the Army/NS. 

Dog tag with our preferred name on it!
Cupcakes and mementos for  the bloggers!

We got to speak to the officers and they were very accomodating in telling us stories. Apparently, although it is tough, army life can be fun and fulfilling too. Imagine, if you are part of the navy, then you can have free shipping if you buy stuff from other countries! LOL

Thank you Janice for being patient with us and all our silly questions!
I've got to say, I really admire the women who are part of the army. There's something really amazing about a woman being able to do a tough man's job! 

We toured around the army museum after chatting with the officers. It was interesting, and quite new to me, as I've never been in an army museum before. You should visit and see how well equipped Singapore's army is, and you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that you are safely protected.

This now looks like a painting but this is actually a life size diorama of an upturned bus. What it stands for, well, I forgot to ask. haha

Okay! So after touring around it was our turn to have our nails done! They had army-themed choices for our nail art which is pretty cool! I had mine in the classic camouflage, and it was so good, afterwards all my friends kept asking if it was just sticker. Nope, they were all painted!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Then this little girl also wanted to have her nails done. So cute!
We were late because the nail art session took quite a while, so we weren't able to see the officers in training!:( So we just walked around and had a feel of the surroundings where they train. I found it beautiful, actually, and a good place to teach young soldiers. Although, from our guide's stories, training is really really tough and tedious!

View from the tower!
See how green Singapore is from above ^^
I can understand why everyone would not want the army life. It is hard, and requires a lot, a lot of discipline. And this is exactly why I admire them; and thankful that they are dedicated in protecting Singapore. 

Last time I was also speaking to my friends who are PRs and who have a one-year old son. We all agreed that NS is a good thing, it really does help to instill discipline and values in young men, and turn them from boys to adults (ah, boys to men. lol), and if time comes, they would wholeheartedly let their child join NS. It's also their way to give back and to be thankful to Singapore for being a wonderful home to their family.

I heard there are also instances of girlfriends leaving their boyfriends because of NS. I find this quite sad. It's common not only in Singapore but in other countries as well where young boys are required to be trained, like S.Korea. If you watched Sassy Girl, you might remember the scene where they went to the carnival to surprise the girl but ended up being held hostage by an army guy who escaped his service because he was left by his girlfriend for another man.

I know it's hard since girls require a lot of care and attention. But I also know a lot of relationships that don't get affected by such circumstances, and these are by couples who have grown together and matured to be more understanding to not let such small things affect them. So, although it's difficult, it's also a way for both the guy and girl to mature together.

Much respect for this lady!:)
Visiting the OCS really made me appreciate the army more, and I think every Singaporean is really lucky to have such admirable men among them, not as strangers, but as their own sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands.

Thank you to OCS, Ministry of Defence and all the coordinators who invited us to this enlightening event!

Continue to support!

You can visit their facebook page:

and if you want to visit the Army Museum, too, it's at:
520 Upper Jurong Road

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