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Sunday, October 13, 2013

This post is to introduce to you guys our first video on our new Youtube channel, called The Beauty Mavens! Coolnessgraciousme, it was so fun doing this with the girls, my two blogger friends, Gwenyummy and Paperkitties! Through this channel, we'll be sharing our beauty reviews and insights + more! And for our first video, we discussed about Hand Creams and how important they are, and which hand creams have worked best for us... or at least Gwen and Alene as shown in the video below! (I was their guinea pig since I never use hand creams! teehee.)

Dunno why I keep rolling my eyes, sorry about that. LOL. Do forgive as this is our first time!:) Anyway, here is a brief information on the products discussed. For full written review of each one, please see Alene and Gwen's posts!

1. MOR Emporium Hand Cream Lychee Flower
Price: AUD$24.95/S$33.00 / 100mL
Where to get:  Only sold in australia but you can get it also at (has international shipping!) and

2. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream
Price: S$86.00 / 125mL
Where to get: Tangs, Robinsons

3. GRATiAE, Hand and Nail Care Treatment
Price: S$60.00 / 120mL
Where to get: Mandarin Gallery at Orchard Road

4. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream
Price: S$43.00 / 74mL
Where to get: Sephora

5. Jill Stuart Relax Hand Cream
Price: ¥1,200 / 30g
Where to get: Unfortunately, there is no Jill Stuart yet in SG! Will be a great gift/buy though if you are going overseas such as in Japan, Hongkong or Taiwan!

6. Hands of Hope by Philosophy
Price: S$15.00 / 30mL
Where to get: Philosophy outlets

I mentioned in the video that I would be trying the Bliss Hand Cream, but later that day Gwen and I was at the mall and chanced upon a Crabtree and Evelyn shop, so I decided to get one to try from there instead!

Had a hard time choosing especially between these two!:
In the end, I bough the Citron one, and have been using it daily.

So how was it?

CITRON honey&coriander Hand Therapy Collection
Crabtree and Evelyn 

Pros: What attracted my attention is its scent, it was very subtle and I love how it has this feel-good, wake-me-up fragrance! I also like its consistency, it wasn't greasy and it was more creamy and easily absorbed by the hand. Once you apply, it has this soft, almost powdery feel rather than an oily texure! Perfect for my daily application since I am holding the PC mouse the whole day and it gets rather annoying if the lotion is sticky like I've experienced with others before (which is also the reason why I didn't really like using hand creams)

Cons: Since it is really light, I feel that it's not very lasting, especially since I wash my hands very often. This means I have to keep reapplying during the day. With regards to packaging, it is made of a metallic/foil material which I feel is not convenient to carry around, so I keep it in my office drawer all the time.

Price: S$33.00 / 100g

Overall: I'd still give it an 8/10 scale as it suits my busy lifestyle with its fuss-free formula.

I hope you enjoyed this post as well as our video! Leaving you with The Beauty Mavens' first "official" photos!;)

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