Mini Post: Phantom of the Opera on August 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let me just share how super excited I am to be finally seeing the Phantom on August!

Bought the tickets online through Sistic.

I was very pissed at first because I didn't know about it sooner, tickets have been sold since April 4 and I learned about it just the other day! How can that be?!! I've been searching since last year and early this year for keywords phantom+of+the+opera+singapore and I didn't get any results. Now that I missed searching they suddenly decided to have it here! I'm also following Phantom on their fb page and how come they didn't announce it there?? Argghh.. I was hoping to see it on the first day (Show runs from July 16-August 11) but guess what? No more good seats! Of course!:(( So I decided to book on the last day instead.:)

Really really ecstatic about this!! Been listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber since I was 6, and I used to always play the Phantom of the Opera's overture in the afternoons during school vacation. Maybe that's why I became a weirdo, I dunno. Lol.

Anyway, can't wait to see it! I hope CATS also returns soon. I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to catch it last 2010.:(

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