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Monday, March 11, 2013


It's been a while since I've updated (I think I always write that as the first sentence in each blog post, haha--wait, let me check, nope, but it seems like it). Truth is, I've been paiseh ('shy', 'embarassed'.. ah, I may not speak it well but Singlish is rubbing off on me) to update this again. I don't want people to assume that I'm doing this for popularity reasons--which is the kind of race that blogging has become at present. I've always kept a blog since friendster days, and I've always enjoyed doing layouts and writing down random musings. And it gives me pleasure to see all of it unified in one blog site, readership isn't really a big deal; although knowing that your friends and family (sometimes strangers) understand and appreciate what you write are exceptional bonuses.

I've also reviewed this site and to my utter shame I saw all the horrors that was within the posts: typos, grammatical errors, and too much arrogance and haughtiness reflected in my writing. Apart from that I realized it was wrong to include personal pictures of my friends within this blog, a few is fine but to post A LOT here is not, because it is such a public place and we have social networking for that. So from now on I will try to use this blog properly. I mean, I would have to determine carefully which ones are facebook-worthy and which ones are blog-worthy. I might also have to edit my previous posts and choose which pictures I should keep.

Anyhoo. Back to the main topic. Below are photos I have taken during informal prenuptial photoshoots where I did the bride-to-bes' makeup. You know how, at a certain time while you are doing it, you think you're so good, but when you look back at the pictures, you think it was just, well, meh. That's how I feel now. Haha.

Disclaimer: I'm not a photographer nor a professional makeup artist. Photos below are for recreational purposes only and for me are still not real "photography" (as an art form).


First set is for Eloise and Edjohn. All pictures are from my friend Jade Tangpus' cam which I occasionally borrowed during the shoot and these are the shots that I post-processed (half of these were taken by him and half, by me).

So gorgeous! They were introduced to me by a friend who was the original makeup artist; but she wasn't available so she recommended me. Actually what I thought then was she was already pretty, she didn't need any makeup at all.


I met Xyla through our bosses who were friends and we worked together shortly on one project. We found out that we arrived in this country at exactly the same date, and for some reason, we hit it off after that! I immediately felt comfortable with her, she's just so natural and down-to-earth.

When she asked me if I could do her makeup, I agreed right away. I was a bit unprepared though because I don't usually do hair and didn't bring pins so during the shoot we had to fix her hair every now and then. It's still alright because she's naturally pretty and still looked good even through the humid, sticky weather :)

Arlene Briones (www.arlenebriones.com) was the photographer of this shoot. She's so nice and even gave tips on wedding photography! The shots below are just some of those I tried to take in between assisting Xyla and Ron. Of course, Arlene's photos are waaaay better (but I don't have copies)

I love this couple and they're perfect for each other. During the few times we got to hang out with them we already knew that they're the kind of friends for keeps.

Mica Building, Clarke Quay

I don't know what I was thinking, framing them up like this. But they look so cute!

at the Botanical Gardens.


In the course of my stay here I've met a lot of people: those I've met through this hobby of doing makeup, housemates of friends, colleagues of friends, etc. Anne and her husband are friends of our friends (acquaintances, then, to be exact) and also colleagues with le bf. Anyway, you get the picture, we're interconnected.

I of course agreed when our photographer friends asked if I could do her makeup. Thankfully, another friend (so many friends in one story! But that's a good thing, right?) did her hair, Irish, for whom I also did makeup before.

The couple's first child was born recently, congratulations anne and frans!

A behind the scenes look.


Ah, but who could forget Lem and Andrea. They're the couple closest to our hearts.:) They're the first couple I tried taking pictures of almost 2 years ago, and now they have a healthy, handsome little boy who I absolutely love and adore!

This was my first time doing makeup for a prenup and a lot of our friends have seen these already but I think my collection of these sets of pictures won't be complete without them!

Lem and Andrea's version of My Sassy Girl!

Well that's all folks! If you want me to do your makeup for a fun shoot or collaborate with me on anything, drop me an email (wynterflakes@gmail.com). I will be constantly updating from now on. Writing here takes my mind off negative things!:)

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