It's like Art..But Nails!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I don't really take care of my nails that much. I don't even maintain them that sometimes they grow too long that they just break one by one. Awful, right?

But now and then I pass by Face Shop and Etude House and see the lovely nail colors and I just can't resist buying them! So a few weeks back I passed by Face Shop and saw their nail dot pen -- and I saw a lot of opportunities!

I bought a blue one, for starters, and began imagining an array of designs.. flowers maybe? The sea with a school of fish? And then it hit me-- the blue color reminded me of the "magic hour"at around 7pm, so.. why not make a silhouette instead? But of what? Well.. what else? That which I see daily (and lucky I am to be able to)! Singapore!

 I had to have a few tries before getting it right. Initially I didn't want to risk putting up the "sky"...

..but in the end I did. The funny thing was, after doing my left hand with the singapore skyline, I didn't know what to put on my left. So I just put a normal silhouette with mountains and a bit of trees (no pic).

Too bad that I didn't have a clear polish to protect them; they chipped off after two days. I guess it was bound to, anyway, but at least I've taken pictures and that should be  enough.

So after that, bf had another awesome idea -- Star Wars. Now, I'm not really under the Star Wars generation (neither is he, he claims), and I've never really watched the whole saga, until a month ago, and I must say it has turned me into a fan--especially Darth Vader's!

I really had fun with this one as it also made me practice using my left hand for drawing, but it's still obvious that the right hand-drawn fingers are still better.

Storm Troopers.
Strom Troopers with Darth Vader
Darth Vader didn't turn out as good. LOL

The Storm Trooper Nails replacing the toy's head!

Vanity pic with the nails.
My right hand with the clone troopers (with AT-TE at the background!)
The clone troopers with the toy's helmet on my pinky. My right thumb's design is kinda lame, it's supposed to be Darth Maul but I didn't have red nail polish with me. And I'm not really sure if I could draw that with my left hand! So I drew the *stars* instead on black background.

As of today, my nails are again neglected and there are only traces of black and white on them, LOL, until I think of another idea to manifest on my nails!

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