Ginger + Warm Bodies

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I've been sick the past few days. Fever and sore throat, but I'm glad it didn't turn into cough.. or else, uggh. See, every year I get this cough that's very annoying, the kind that's so itchy you can't stop coughing wherever you are, be it in a bus, on a train, wherever. It's so embarassing that people start staring at you and think that you might be dying or something. But yeah, didn't happen! Because... I took meds. hehe. And! I had ginger tea in advance.

Last year that so-called embarassing cough haunted me for a week. It didn't even let me sleep, I kept coughing at night, I was taking meds, I was drinking water, I was sucking on lozenges, but none helped and I didn't know why, until my then colleague suggested that I take what Filipinos call salabat or ginger tea. I thought it was only for singers when they want to make their voices better, but apparently, it has a lot of healing properties too. So I made some, and just like magic, I got a lot better instantly the following day. And after 2 days, the cough was gone. Serious! Nothing heals better than mother nature.   So now Ginger tea is like my miracle potion! Ginger has a lot of healing properties and here are some that I took off from the internet:

1 Combats stomach discomfort
2 Improves immune system 
3 Treats colds 
4 Encourages normal blood circulation
5 Relieves morning sickness
6 Lowers risk of motion sickness
7 Reduces pain and inflammation
8 Relieves stress
9 Menstrual cramp relief 
10 Increases fertility

Full article here. -- maybe you should read it because too much of it also causes side effects they say.

It's very easy to prepare it too, let me show you.:) (lol trying my hand at doing this kind of stuff)

1. Wash the ginger and peel it.

2. Cut it up into slices- some say the thinner the better but I'm lazy so I just cut it up anyhow.

3. Boil it in water for around 10-15 mins.

4. Pour the juice into a cup

5. Add honey (I tell you, you would have to. Sugar is not good especially if you have cough, so honey would be better because it has anti-bacterial properties.) Mine is already Honey & Lemon. It's also good to add lemon to make it taste nicer and for the added Vitamin C :)

And that's it! :D

Me pretending to drink. Lol

They say ginger tea keeps you alert but I 100% do not agree! After drinking it I immediately felt sleepy and slept snuggly all throughout that night. Now I'm all better and I should be going back to the brochure I'm working on halfway before I got sick.

-----But feeling better and all, le bf and I decided to watch a movie, and we watched Warm Bodies! Not really a fan of zombie movies/shows, but this one's quite cute! Might be a bit of a turn off because it's something like Twilight and the female lead looks a bit like Twilight girl, but I find that Warm Bodies is a lot better, because there's humour. And the acting, of course. Never imagined zombies can be adorable. *a bit of a spoiler alert* Didn't also notice that the protagonists are named R and Julie until the balcony scene, because they're somewhat similar to Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers and all that. His best friend is also M, and if you'll remember Romeo's best friend is Mercutio. It's all kinda silly but at the same time it's a feel-good movie that left us smiling on our way out of the cinema.
Not too bad looking eh?
Still a better love story than Twilight.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to the previous days!
Hope to post again soon!:D
Me, after the movie. Taken using crappy iphone front camera :(

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