Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hola! The month of May flew by so fast I didn't notice that I haven't posted here for a while! Things are okay though, it's weird how my schedule is always full yet fortunately I don't feel as pressured as before *knock on wood*.

Neckpiece: Lovisa

Clutch Bag: Emoda

Top, Skirt and Shoes: Random online shops

Photos were taken by the lovely Gwen (You can check out her OOTD that day too, she looked so Jun Ji-Hyun in those photos!) when we attended the Mont Blanc launch, details about that to be posted soon as well. 

I've always loved Black and monochrome outfits but since I turned blonde I felt that it didn't suit me as much as when I had black hair. But paired with red/dark lipstick, turns out that it's not so bad (I think)!  

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