The Blonde Experience

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I absolutely, totally love my new hair. I mean, this is my first time to change my appearance so drastically, sometimes when I catch a glance of a reflection of myself I sometimes think it's another person but I kinda like it. Problem is, it IS too eye-catching and now I know that there is really a certain stigma in being blonde (or it may be just me) because I've gotten some "dumb blonde" treatment, too. Also, there are traditional people who really can't accept radical stuff, because someone told me "Ugly eh, don't you think you look ugly meh?" and I was like wtf. Thanks for reminding me I'm ugly, I needed that. 


Anyway. I wish I can keep it forever but I can't... because, It really is hard to maintain the roots dammit. After only ONE week the roots were already showing, srsly. And with my natural hair being jet black, not even dark brown, it really looks hideous. Also, I have to admit that I really do have to keep a professional appearance in my line of work :( I feel like I'm indefinitely cosplaying with this hair, and who would take a cosplayer seriouslh in an office, righr? So yeah. I'm really sad that I can't have this hair colour forever so I guess I have to enjoy it while I can! 

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