BB Cushion Party!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Laneige has once again invited us for a BB Cushion Party! Fortunately--and unfortunately--it was held after our working hours; fortunately- because this meant that I could attend after work, it is almost impossible for me to take leave these days, and unfortunately- since it was after work, I looked quite tired and unkempt (especially the hair, oh the hair!) after 8 hours of working.

The event was held at My Art Space which is located in a very lovely location at Istana Park, just in front of Plaza Singapura. It's a really lovely setting to hold such an event! Man, if I've known such a space from my teen days I would probably hang out here every time! The event was held to introduce to us their newest products. Silk Intense Lipstick will have 6 new shades and the BB Cushion will now come with #33 for ladies with darker skin tone. (I think that is very wonderful!) Also, they have new Artplay Eyeliners that come in dual colours. And what is even more awesome is we got to take home one of each!

The Laneige staff was quite naughty, we never thought that the event itself would be a contest again, but this time, just for fun! We thought we'd just be designing DIY BB Cushion kits, but we were surprised that we'd be doing paintings instead. If I've known I wouldn't have worn white LOL, I got a bit of paint on it but I seriously don't mind. It was a lot of fun! The winner got to win a prize and the winner was.... ME! Hahaha! So happy~

Although humblebrag aside, I honestly don't want to show my artwork here. If my previous instructors and my college best friend Myk sees this she would probably deny being my friend. LOL. But I have to! Still, I am very grateful that I won! Thank you Laneige for being so generous!

I absolutely love this place!
It can be found at:

Istana Park, 31 Orchard Road, Singapore 238888
Tel 62221662

All covered up against possible stains! (but clumsy me still managed to get spots :/)

Ready, paint, go! :)
Such a coincidence and so fitting that I wore this headress. LOL

Instructions were to paint and represent the 5 (or at least 1 of the 5) benefits of BB Cushion:

  1. Brightening effect
  2. Daily protection agains harmful UV rays ad sun damage
  3. Cooling effect that instantly cools down and refreshes the skin fatigued under heat
  4. Tone correction to medium coverage, creating a clena and natural look
  5. Sweat proof, long lasting coverage.

We were also asked to make a circle in the centre to depict the BB Cushion itself and start from there. We weren't given pencil to come up with a sketch first.. They just wanted us to paint as we like, as we feel.. Which was really a great feeling, very relaxing and carefree, but easy enough to make me panic! Imagine directly painting without even having an initial scheme of what you are supposed to paint about. In the end I just painted as I felt. We were also required to incorporate the gems/"blings" after finishing our artwork.

Our cool mentor!
From left to right: Alene's, Gwen's and mine. (us three again!^^)


Me with my "artwork" LOL. Wanted to go abstract but I soo failed. It was my first time also to paint anything without sketching it out on paper first :(
Together with the lovely beauty bloggers!
So what do I get from winning the contest? *Just* an early christmas present! I feel like a little kid again! Thank you so much Laneige!
Winner's prize for the game! And I got to take it home! Wee!
This is really soo cute!
Apart from this, each of us got one of the new ranges they will be releasing, one Artplay Eyeliner, One BB Cushion with DIY Kit and one of the new colors of the Silk Intense Lipstick! Awesome!

If you buy a BB Cushion from Sephora from now until October 2, you will get a free DIY Kit! Once you finish designing it, you can upload pictures at and go to: Upload -> View other designs -> Vote -> Announcement of Winners (Oct 4), and then you can be one of the 3 winners to take home a Laneige hamper worth $300 each!!

Other requirements are:
1. Maximum 2 submissions per customer
2. 70% of material has to be from the DIY Kit
3. Winners must present BB Cushion proof of receipt from Sephora Singapore during 5 Sep to 2 Oct 2013.

Pretty cool right? Here are some samples (from Laneige, I have yet to design mine and I shall show you when it's done!)

Head down to Sephora now especially if you are a big Laneige fan!! On the next blog post, my DIY Kit shall be fully be decorated!

Ja Mata!

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