Annoying things on the MRT

Thursday, September 12, 2013

...are usually just the small things. I don't really mind if there are a lot of people or if the train is delayed and thankfully I've never been stuck inside and I hope I never will. Daily, I spend about 2-3 hours travelling on train (it takes me 1.5 hours to reach work from home and vice versa) so I do notice a lot of things! Anyway these are just random little things that annoy me when on the train:

People who (almost) fall asleep on your shoulder
As I said, my journey is long. I go out very early and go home late as well, so I always get to sit beside people who are very tired and tend to fall asleep. It irritates the hell out of me when they make these jolting movements towards you, until the head is almost resting on my shoulder! I almost want to hit them with my elbows just to keep them awake! I know I do that too (more often than not, actually, haha!), but at least I'm a girl and I also don't mind if it's a woman beside me but if you're a guy please try to avoid doing this if you're beside a lady!!! Double standard? Whatever, I don't care, IT IS ANNOYING.

Welcome to SMRT
You're late, you're running, and you've reached the entrance of the MRT. You want to know if you can make it, you're glad there is a sign that shows if the train has arrived. 1 minute? 2 minutes? Should I run or will running be useless? Once you reach the entrance the freaking sign says WELCOME TO SMRT (for like, forever) and you end up running only to see the doors closing and you need to wait another 7 minutes. (I take the circle line, FYI.)

Nosy People
I thought I would see less of these people as I am already living in a highly urbanized country like Singapore, as I find that such actions are only for the uncultivated. Turns out that despite their busy lives here and where they should be minding nothing but their own, some still like to peek on other people's screens and/or books. Even when I'm not the one being affected, I always get this feeling of disapproval whenever I see someone looking over someone else's shoulder, trying to get a glimpse of what they are reading.

People Who Stare
Maybe they're just bored, or just can't look at anything else, but it really is extremely uncomfortable to be stared at. Maybe I just look too weird, or I'm just too assuming, but one thing's for sure, I'd definitely lose out in a staring contest. Too uncomfortable!

Too slow on the right side of the escalator
Here, the right side of the escalator is reserved for people who are walking up or down on it, which means that they probably must be rushing. So what's the point of staying on that side if you are going to climb up like a sloth? Better keep on the left side if you aren't rushing at all.

Rude People
Well, who doesn't hate these types? A short sorry would suffice if you step on someone's foot, or accidentally hit them with your bag, but why do some people forget to do so? Not to mention those ill-mannered enough to do inconsiderate things inside such as these people that I've come across with:

Especially the guy who's putting his feet up on the pole, I mean, people hold on to that! So unhygienic.

These are some things that I randomly observed, might be petty, but they are a bit irritating, at least in my opinion.

Do you have some pet peeves that annoy you when on the train as well? Do share!^^

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