Chock Full of Beans

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Met up last Sunday with the lovely girls Gwen and Alene for brunch and decided the venue to be at Chock Full of Beans, which is a bit far off but it was worth visiting! I was late, and Gwen was already there when I arrived, which, luckily for me and Alene, helped us cut the long queue.

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Rd
Singapore 500004

Of course we had to try the Latte that they were quite famous for. Latte art was really cute!
Gwen's coffee (kitty) and mine (bear)
Like begging you to "Please don't devour me"

Usually I would expect such artsy coffee to not taste good, but it surprised me by actually tasting just as nice! Mine was vanilla latte, by the way, and Gwen's was Hazelnut Latte. We ended up taking so many pictures of this haha I was guessing people were already starting to think that this was our first time seeing latte art, LOL. As for the food, service was a bit slow. Good thing we chitchatted all the way that we didn't mind that much.

From Top to Bottom: Alene's Eggs Portobello  (w/ Portobello Mushroom), My Eggs Atlantic (w/ smoked salmon) and Gwen's Eggs Benedict (w/ ham)
Eggs Atlantic
The eggs were not bad and for me, were perfect! I was also able to finish all so I must say that it was good. But that may be biased because I think I may have mentioned before that as long as it's salmon, I. am. fine. with. it.

Gwen being pretty as always :D
Coincidentally, Alene and I both wore denim dresses.. haha! A bit awkward but wthwhocares lol.
My beautiful date"s" for the day!
Last photo: the cozy interior of the cafe!

It was a really really lovely morning to have spent with the girls and a relaxing way to destress from the week's work! Absolutely great catching up and getting to know them even better. Hopefully will see them again soon! :)

That's all for now--will be updating another post in a jiffy!:)

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