Thursday, May 30, 2013

I haven't updated much :( It's because I've recently transferred workplaces and I now have to wake up earlier than usual, and when I arrive home, I'm already very tired.:(

Anyway, I still have lots to blog about! I know this is not specifically a beauty nor a fashion blog, but since it's personal, it's mine, I can write anything, lol. Besides, I find blog reviews useful before I buy a product; it's much more honest than an advertisement and through them I would really know if the product is good before impulsively buying it (I would always search on my iphone if I want to try something that I haven't used before to know if it's worth the risk of potentially adding another zit.) So now I want to give back and do the same thing for the products that I really really like.

When I started getting interested in makeup, the first technique I tried to master was the eye; the colors and the smokey eyes were all very attractive to me and what with my small, chinky (sorry for the derogatory term) eyes, I was very happy that makeup could make my eyes look bigger.
c.2010: Used to be made up like this: dark eyeshadow (though not so apparent in this pic), totally no regard for my eyebrows and no  blush. It looks okay, but after a while I got tired of it and just wanted something even simpler.

Now, though, I've been gearing towards a different kind of style. Maybe only my closest friends know this, but I'm a true Japan fan. I like almost anything Japanese: their culture, architecture, food (especially!), clothing, heck--even the way they speak, and now, makeup and skin care. Do you notice how pretty they are in magazines, with seemingly minimal effort? I noticed that the basic is to have perfect skin, and the rest will follow. I now also don't wear eyeshadow often; long lashes are now sufficient to do the trick.

BUT--it's funny I should rave about Japan when what I'm writing about is a Korean product. I'm sorry! Couldn't help it, I was just being honest about my intro and where I got my inspiration, lol. Either way, both Japanese and Korean girls have perfected beautiful skin, don't you think?

Unfortunately, even if I wanted to look like that without makeup, it's impossible. One, I'm not pretty naturally in the first place, haha. Secondly, my pimply skin still hasn't been resolved completely. So for now, I have to settle for a BB cream that will cover up my flaws and make my skin look perfect.

Song Hye Kyo, Korean actress, current ambassador for Laneige. Who doesn't know her? Every guy I know has a crush on her.. well, I do, too!:)

I've heard about Laneige before but haven't given it much attention. Last week, though, I passed by Plaza Singapura and decided to give it a try. I was intially looking for a BB cream bottle, but I was surprised when I saw the Snow BB Soothing Cushion; I thought it was a compact powder (and I really don't like to use those kinds anymore) but it wasn't. It's compact, but still in liquid form. More convenient than the usual BB since I don't need to use my hands. Just must remember to clean the puff!:)

Looks a bit like the usual compact foundation powder does it not? But it isn't!

Use this puff to apply!

Their website shows the product benefits:

- A new-concept cushion-type BB with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup. 
- Also, it is provided in two separate containers to preserve the active ingredients and their functionality. 
- The formulas can be used fresh and safely from start to finish.

You can go to:
And for the results? I am so pleased --no, pleased is an understatement-- thrilled with how it worked on my skin!!:

HASHTAGNOFILTER HASHTAGNOEDIT LOL. Seriously didn't edit out any blemishes whatsoever and can you see how dewy and BRIGHT its effect on my face is??:)

Camwhore some more. lol. Doesn't look a thing like Song Hye Kyo lol but this is the best I can do!

I absolutely love it! :) It's my favorite makeup product of theirs so far, the results say it all! I can have nice skin in an instant! As for their skincare, I got quite a lot to try. So far my favorite would be the Blackhead Melting Gel! Never thought it would work but it really did clear out my blackheads, even if I've only used it twice so far. The lady at Laneige advised me to use the gel at least 3 times first before using the Pore Strip. I haven't even used the strip yet and my blackheads seem to be almost gone already! Pretty cool!

They also gave me free samples of the Water Bank range, and so far, so good! My skin feels smoother already. I haven't seen the full effects though, waiting for a week before I can at least share the actual results :))

I also checked out where the word Laneige came from, and it actually means SNOW in french! I think it's destiny, LOL,, me being all snowy, err, snauwy, wyntery. Anyway, will share soon how the other products fared with my skin!

You can also visit their website at :)

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