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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been to Universal Studios a year and a half ago with good friends and I had a LOOT of fun, but back then, Battlestar Galactica wasn't operating yet, and there was no Transformers either. So, I definitely had to go back and enjoy it with the special one.:)

I hate you Po. You are TOO cute!
Since we have previously taken almost all the other rides, our priority was Transformers! We were there at around 9am, and because it was a Sunday, we assumed there would be a lot of people (but no, there weren't that much, really.. at least less than we expected. We didn't have to wait for hours), and we were ahead of the queue! And.. it was awesome!:) We loved it so much that we even went back after lunch (30 mins waiting time this time).

I wanted to take the Battlestar Galactica right away but someone was having second thoughts..haha! So we decided to take a walk and have some random photos taken. 

An hour and a few anticlimactic rides later (we even tried The Mummy again just so we could "prep ourselves up"), we decided to go back to Battlestar Galactica. It's just nice that USS has lockers where you can stuff your things if you don't have anyone to leave it with, seeing as I don't fancy pocketing my cameras and letting it fly everywhere during the ride. On the way inside, we saw a lady dizzily walking on her way out (we think she was just acting), and when we got there, there were no long queues and a group even backed out. @.@ Added to the suspense, I must say. But once we took the ride, there was only one word for it: Exhilirating! You guys, it's not scary at all, it's just like flying! Please don't back out, go ahead and try it :)

We took the blue one (Cylon) first, which is meant to be scarier because it goes upside down.  We were planning not to take the red version (Human) anymore since we thought it would be less exciting than the former but we changed our mind later in the afternoon. :D
We have no idea who the other guy is. lol
After that our missions have been accomplished but for one: A picture with my beloved Puss in Boots! We had lunch first at the Transformers cafe though, the food was good (gone before any pics could be taken) and the atmosphere was, yeah, futuristic :)
Puss was quite hard to catch. So after eating we went around taking another set of pictures:

Watched the Steven Spielberg show again :)

This Charlie Chaplin lookalike was quite naughty! I was careful not to face him because he kisses most of the women who take pictures with him--on the lips! LOL. But I appreciate how almost all of them in costumes really acted their part and not just stood there just to have people take pictures with them.:)
Until finally, we waited around the outskirts of Shrek's castle, and spotted Puss in Boots!!!!! OMG I felt like a little kid as I excitedly ran towards him ^^
Totally worth the wait!! He asked bf-->; to stand there *points to the ground away from him* then grabs me as if to say, "Stand back! She is mine, Amigo!" Hahaha. I'm so amused. I love it.:)
Obviously had a lot of fun, as it inspired me to blog again. (I don't even know why I blog, as there is facebook and all, but it's a lot more fun writing it as if it was an article than just compiling the photos.) It feels good to record and be able to reread happy moments anytime you want to.:)

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