We Filipinos Truly Deserve a WONDERFUL* President such as Noynoy Aquino

Monday, May 10, 2010

If he does win, the Filipinos deserve Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.
I’ve never been one who went gaga over havaianas, starbucks, or crocs. Nothing wrong with them, but I never did like following fads, and for me, that’s what they are. No offense to those who do, but it never, ever made any sense to me as to why I have to buy 100 peso-looking slippers for 2000 Pesos. Neither do I get the idea as to why I should sit in a crowded café swarming with wannabes (of course, it is not applicable to those who truly love coffee and really enjoy being there.) when I can spend my own quite time at Figaro without bumping my seat into another unpleasant person beside me. Yet, we Filipinos just looovee doing so, don’t we? And I relate that to the candidacy of Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s son.
Filipinos only choose what is in, or in tagalog, “kung ano ang uso
Take for example this conversation:
“Why are you wearing that humongous flower on your head?”
“Uso eh.”
“Even though you look stupid?”
“Di mo lang bagay.”
These trend-followers immediately get defensive once you tell them that what they’re doing is not good for them. Kung ano lang ang uso. Hindi nagiisip para sa sarili. Nagmamagaling, nagmamarunong, hindi naman nagiisip.
I wrote those first few paragraphs a month ago, and decided not to continue, thinking that I may offend some of my friends who are for Aquino. But my goodness, I am getting emotional here. It is May 10, 2010, 10PM, and the partial results are really getting to me. I am almost in tears, my hands are shaking. I am enraged by the stupidity of the Filipino people. Yes, STUPIDITY. Because they themselves have admitted that they would rather vote for a stupid president who’s not corrupt, than for someone more intelligent who may become like Marcos or GMA in the future. But by golly, MY President has character and these two do not! Besides, sino ba ang mas nagpaganda sa Pilipinas? Despite being a dictator, hindi ba’t si Marcos din, and nagbacktrack lang tayo nung si Cory na?
I reiterate: Those who voted for him DESERVE him! Perhaps you do not deserve a President who will help you out of this deep shit we’re into. This is my own assumption, but perhaps you do not deserve a President who will make the Philippines a country you will love more, a country that’s forward looking, isang bansa na kaya sumabay sa mas mauunlad na karatig bansa. Wala eh, ang gusto niyo yung hindi kayang magisip para sa sarili.. Yung kaylangan may binabasa bago makapag speech. If such a person cannot make decisions for himself, how much more when it comes to decisions when crises occur? Pag may nangyaring gulo, sakuna o gyera? Baka matulog na lang yan.
As of this moment, there is still hope. It is only 40% of the results. If Aquino does win, then it is really our fate. I am praying that there is still hope for the Philippines. I really wish it was only Gibo or Gordon who ran for presidency. Remember, you voted for him. I shall be proud to not take the blame if the Philippines continue to fall in shambles in the next 6 years.. Well, on the good side, at least it will push us to work harder for ourselves, since by then we have only ourselves to rely upon!

* *sarcasm*
and really, ang matamaan wag magalit.


  1. very well said Nau.. Let them have a taste of their own medicine

  2. I'm a greenie too. Well, we truly missed the green flight. Let's prepare to ride the yellow submarine! *sigh*