Overachievement Is Not A Good Thing (i.e. Bosses can never be pleased)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today I was asked to do a 3d rendering of my boss' living room:

I wanted it to look as realistic as possible (my co-worker, kuya Sean, did the "heavy" furnitures :) ), but I think I failed because, well, I didn't use high subdivs on materials and the armchair on the foreground looks so fake (We couldn't see what it really looked like, based from the pictures, it was covered with a protective cloth. And feel free to go figure other reasons why it doesn't look real at all).

That was not the problem, however. In fact, my boss thinks it looks real. TOO REAL. Too much like the photograph, he said, it wasn't possible that we did it using 3dmax. He pointed out the sofa, the table, the curtains, the cushions, the mirror, and accused us of "copy-pasting" it from Photoshop. (I swear I did no such thing, no editing, just the usual brightness-contrast) Worse, it wasn't me who faced him when he said this, our "Head" gave it to him "on my behalf" and he didn't say anything on the contrary! (He wasn't sure himself, I think, if I really edited it) I didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered. I mean, come on, 3d renderers (even you!) would immediately see that this work is mediocre. And yet he thinks it's too perfect. I just laughed it off, but inside, I was seething. Did he really think me incapable of doing an excellent job?

I recall a similar incident way back in highschool: We had a project in HE (Home Economics) where we were supposed to sew pillowcases (pretty easy right?). Being the person who always tries to do her best in every endeavor, I meticulously estimated each stitch to be the same size as the other. I submitted it, and expected to achieve high marks, but what do you know, I got what would be equivalent to a C! I asked my teacher to explain why and she said:

"You shouldn't have used a sewing machine."


I sputtered, "But I didn't!", to which she replied, "Well, it sure does look like you did."

Oh, life is such an irony.

Here's the reference photograph by the way:

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