Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have so much to say.
I made this blog approximately two years ago, and, until now, am just finding the motivation to fix everything up and make the whole thing worth writing on. I'm still lazy though, but I guess I've been too lonely to not put into words the things I wonder about, the thoughts that fill up my mind every time I sit in between strangers on grimy leatherette seats of public jeepneys.
So here, my first post. A rather uncreative title, but as I said, I'm still too lazy. To think of a better one.
I have so much to say, let's just hope I'll be able to compose decent sentences to truly express those ideas. And so.. until my next first post. :) (I guess this one doesn't really count because all it says is that I'm finally using this blog but is too sluggish to actually write anything useful. haha.)

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