Jimmy Choo Exotic: Launch + Review

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Previously, we attended the launch of Jimmy Choo's new fragrance, Exotic. Prior to this, the label has also released several perfumes, and Exotic is nonetheless as wonderfully scented, if not more than, as its predecessors.

Jimmy Choo Exotic is a limited edition eau de toilette created for the company by Olivier Polge, Domitille Bertier and Véronique Nyberg, with its outer packaging inspired by the python skins used in Jimmy Choo heels and accessories and has been worked scale by scale to reproduce the perfect look and feel of the snake. Sure enough, when we touched the box we were able to feel the elegant leathery texture.

According to Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo, the fragrance is "meant for women with strong personalities and a hint of playfulness, those with irresistible magnetism who create surprise and amazement in everyone who crosses their path," and I must agree. I Imagine this scent to be very sexy and feminine whilst giving the wearer a self assured, almost sassy aura.

Jimmy Choo Exotic (center) alongside Jimmy Choo Flash (left) and the Original Jimmy Choo fragrance (right)

Upon arriving, we were served with refreshments and a short game/quiz that would determind which Jimmy Choo perfume each one of us was, and I got... Exotic :) As much as it may sound as a self-praise, I do like to think of myself as a modern, independent woman.

Top Note:
Blackcurrant Sorbet
Pink Grapefruit
Heart Note:
Tiger Orchid
Passion Flower
Base Note:
Indonesian Patchouli

"In the heart, the carnal sensuality of tiger orchid hands over to the exotic aura of a passion flower with acidulous floral accents. Finally the patchouli signature of the EDP is accompanied by fruity and velvety notes of raspberry offering a light and gourmand touch."

Happy to have been there with the good friends that I found amomg these lovely girls!
We were very well taken care of-- the bloggers were also given the opportunity to have our nails painted to match the Jimmy Choo Exotic theme--and it's Gel! (I apologize for my very dry finger/nails!)


Initially I felt that the scent was a bit too sweet and fruity for my taste, since I usually prefer fresher, more citrus-y fragrances. However, after a while I appreciated it more; especially the lovely lingering smell of its drydown. But the best thing is it stays on for veryyyyyyyy long. Perfumes don't last the whole day with me (my mom says it's because I sweat easily) but this one was stayed until late at night when I reached home (which is around 10.30PM) so it is more than safe to say that it IS long lasting. It's perfect for hot and humid Singapore where it's summer all year round, and I'm pretty sure with this scent, you'll easily turn heads!

Where to Buy: Metro Paragon (Singapore)
S$112 (60mL)
S$145 (100mL)

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